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AFTER-SCHOOL: $25/hour for 12 hours/week, UES, one boy, age 7! (fASLG090719)

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This sweet UES family is looking for a new after-school sitter for their 7 year old boy! He is super smart and loves coding! He takes classes with his friends. He loves school and has a lot of friends there. All around a really sweet and out-going boy! Family needs someone to take him to activities, to the playground, and too playdates. Apply if you think you'd be a great fit!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone who can engage with him with his interests and can match his vibrancy! Someone who can keep him active and is fun and outgoing. Someone who can be social with other families and sitters in his grade and at his activities. Someone who can help with a little bit of reading and homework. Reliability is key!


Monday - Thursday 3:00 - 6:00pm

About the Children

Boy, 7 - A joy! Sweet and lovely, such a good kid. The best companion, he has a great sense of humor, he’s enthusiastic, has a lot of good friends at school, loves playing Minecraft and loves coding!


Monday - picked up at 3:15, 6 blocks from the apartment, at 4pm goes to religion school, husband or mom will pick up from there Tuesday - stays at school until 4:30pm Wednesday - picked up at 3:15, goes to coding class with his friends, brought home at 4:30/5 Thursday - chess or free day Might bring him to playdates across town with his best friend! Some light laundry and very light meal prep would be involves!

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