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HEAVY PART-TIME: UWS, $30-35/hour for 35hours/week guaranteed, with twins, 6 and SAHM! kASKD91019

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A really lovely and warm UWS family with twin boys, 6, is looking for a new part-time sitter to join their team! The schedule is Monday to Friday, 1-8 PM. They are looking for someone warm, loving, fun, and engaging who isn't overly animated, yet can have fun with the boys. It's $30-35/hour for 35 hours/week guaranteed. Apply today for this wonderful opportunity! The position will begin at the end of September!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone who has experience in this role and with multiple or even twins is a huge plus! Someone creative, joyous and playful, yet can also be a leader and maintain the schedule and uphold the family's boundaries. Someone who enjoys nature and being outdoors. Someone who has a sense of enthusiasm who can really bond with the boys is huge. A candidate with a fair degree of self awareness is big for this family. They really appreciate someone who is a professional and can approach things in a communicative and professional way. Someone who knows when to be the fun sitter and when to be the grown up to keep the rhythm of the day is paramount. A centered and grounded person would be so ideal for them as they don't respond well to really hyperly active people. The boys really resonate with warm and loving people who are nurturing and expressive. They love creative types. A sitter who can navigate the sometimes trickier interactions the twins have with themselves is huge as well. Someone comfortable working alongside mom who is home right now and might be going to work sometime down the line and dad who may be around a bit from time to time.


The schedule is Monday to Friday, 1-8 PM. Flexibility to stay later and assist with full days is a huge plus.

About the Children

twin boys, 6-They both love nature and being outdoors. They love art as well. They tend to get tired after a huge day at school, too.


Picking up the boys from school and taking them to the park or to playdates. Doing fun and engaging activities at home if the weather is bad. Helping with meal prep and tidying after meals and playtime. Taking the dog for a daily walk to the park. He is really lovely! They are happy to add hours for someone who is open to running errands in the neighborhood like groceries.

  • Rate

    $30-35/hour gross


    at least one year, ideally longer

    Total Hours per Week

    35 hours/week guaranteed

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