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PART-TIME BABYSITTER: UWS, MWRSat, $27/hour for 20 hours/week guaranteed, with girl, 3! kPTAT91819

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We have a really lovely family on the UWS looking for a new sitter to assist with the afternoon routine a few days/week. The core schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, from 1-6 or 7 PM; plus Saturday nights 6-11 PM. They have a really fun and super sweet daughter who is 3 years old. They are looking for someone caring, loving, engaging, and fu to bond with her and join their troupe! It's $25/hour gross for 20 hours/week! The position will begin ASAP! Apply today as this is not one to be missed.

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone really responsible and kind who can bond with the girl. Someone professional, reliable, and respectful who is comfortable guiding the girl to be this kind of human as well. Someone proactive who can plan activities and playdates for the girl and is very mindful and intuitive of what they can do and research to make the girls times more fun and even educational. Someone comfortable moving around the neighborhood with her. Someone organized, yet playful who can make a learning moment of everyday activities. Someone who is mature and calm and doesn't get rattled by a meltdown. A person who is open to speaking and communicating with the girl about what is acceptable and what is not versus timeouts or yelling and raising voices.


The core schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, from 1-6 or 7 PM; plus Saturday nights 6-11 PM.

About the Children

girl, 3- She takes gymnastics and ballet. She is a very social child. She gets really connected to people and is very verbal. She is basically reading words already. She is super curious and intersted in everything. She will always ask "why" to find out the ultimately answer. She loves animals. She is so emotionally open. If she misses someone she will say it and if she is upset she will let it be know. She hold them on the surface, but is overall so happy. She loves to participate in activities. She is sometimes shy in new situations and may need some time to warm up.


Picking the girl up from school about 20 minutes away and going to the park or on playdates. Some days she has after school activities. She has lunch at home. She might need to rest some days, but recently started dropping her nap. Assisting with some meal prep for both lunch and dinner (mostly heating things up), and assisting with her laundry when there is time. Assisting with the bed time routine. Tidying up after themselves is super important including cleaning out her lunch box, emptying her backpack, packing her for the next day, cleaning up toys, tidying after meals, etc. You will have an active role in her growth as she is learning to read, and learning her number and letters, etc.

  • Rate

    $25-30/hour gross; ideally they are looking to stay in the lower end and can offer paid vacations, etc.


    12-16 weeks to start!

    Total Hours per Week

    20 hours/week guaranteed

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