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PART-TIME BABYSITTER: UWS, Rotating Weekends, $25-30/hour for 5 hours/week, with two active and fun boys, 4 & 6! kPTRS101019

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Are you active, fun, engaging, and LOVE to laugh?! A new-to-NYC family on the UWS is looking for their first ever SmartSitter to work alongside mom to tackle the afternoon routine. They have two really loving and sweet boys, 4 and 6 who go to school a short walk or bus ride away. They are ideally looking for an easy going, open minded, confident, kind, and fun sitter to join their family's team. They really value the people who work with them and want to welcome their new person with open arms and hearts! It's $25-30/hour gross for 22 hours/week guaranteed, plus reimbursement for travel with the kids. This is not to be missed and will start ASAP! Apply now!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone active and energetic who can meet them on their energy level. Someone who can take initiative to get them outside or down to the play room if they see the boys are a bit wound up or bored. Someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously and can have fun with them. At the same time, someone who knows when to be serious and more authoritative if needed. A real big sibling is something even the boys really value. They had such a special with their au pair who was a big brother and mentor to them that they respected. he treated them with such respect and he always heard and understood them on their level and never spoke down to them. A really reliable and responsible sitter who has experience with this age group and even working alongside another parent. Someone musical and easygoing to match their family style. And someone who isn't afraid of an adventure and getting dirty. They are a transracial adoptive family, so it's important that their sitter be open-minded and accepting of this. They love to have long-term relationships with their sitters and want to open up their family to them. They really want to support their sitters and build that close connection with them. They just moved from LA this summer. They are so fun and mom had me laughing a lot on our call!


Monday to Thursday, from 3-7 PM; and Friday, from 1 PM-7 PM. They also typically set up a two week schedule in case there are changes and everyone can plan! They can be somewhat flexible in return if their person. Flexibility to assist with full days if school is out would be a huge plus!

About the Children

boys, 4 and 6- Both are very high energy and active! They run around a lot and love to scoot. They love trains and all transportation. They are outside a lot! Both have big personalities and can be strong willed, but the most loving, kind, and big hearted kids!


Helping mom with the afternoon routine including picking up the boys from school, taking them to activities, playdates, and the park. Assisting with some meal prep and the kids' meals. Occasionally assisting with the evening and bath routine, too!

  • Rate

    $25-30/hour gross, plus reimbursement for travel with the kids.


    through the 2019-2020 school year

    Total Hours per Week

    22 hours/week guaranteed

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