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FULL-TIME: $25-30/hour for 40 hours/week, West Village, 3 kids, 4mo, 5 & 7! fPTOS010320

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Are you looking for a full-time position starting in January? This family in the West Village is excited to bring on another sitter to be part of their team! They have a current nanny who you would be working alongside for most of the afternoon, but you would handle two hours in the evening by yourself. The most important part of this position is a love to cook! The family eats well and their kids do too, and they would like to find a sitter who enjoys being creative in the kitchen. Also, an eagerness to develop a loving connection with the kids and family is important to them! Apply if this position sounds like a great fit for you!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

This family is looking for a sitter who wants to develop a connection with their children! They treat their nannies and sitters as part of the family and want to find someone who is eager to develop that same type of trust and appreciation. Someone who is comfortable traveling with the family! Someone who can be independent, take initiative, and be reliable. Experience with infants and the girls' ages is also a must. MUST love cooking and be willing and eager to cook things much more sophisticated than mac & cheese or chicken fingers (homemade chicken fingers are cool though!)


Core schedule 2pm - 8pm, Monday - Friday (read additional info!)

About the Children

Girl, 7 - Little bit more sensitive than her younger sister Girl, 5 - More easy going and more flexible in doing things Flip flop between being princesses and everything sparkly and pink to being very athletic. Best friends but can also be competitive with each other. Asher, 3 months - no allergies, keep him on a sleep/feeding schedule, make purees for him


They have another full-time nanny who is there in the mornings and who the new sitter would be working alongside in the afternoons until she leaves around 6pm. You would work together with her to care for the children, eg each taking one or the other to various after-school activities, one caring for the baby while the other handles the older girls, etc. The older girls are out of school around 3pm, so before then it will be you and the other sitter at home, one with the baby and maybe the other doing meal prep for dinner or running some light errands like grocery shopping for meals. Once home in the late afternoons/evenings after activities, it will be dinner time, then bathtime and getting ready for bed! This family eats fresh and clean foods, nothing out of a box, and they make all of their meals from scratch. They are looking for a new sitter who enjoys cooking just as much as they do and who could cook healthy meals for the kids (and sometimes for the family, if you are comfortable). The kids are great eaters and love a variety of meals. This is the most important aspect of the position for the parents. Light housekeeping would also be involved.

Additional Information

The core schedule would be from 2pm - 8pm, however, the family would guarantee compensation for 40 hours/week even if the sitter does not work that many hours. Some weeks the sitter may work 30, while others they may work 45, depending on the family's schedule, so the sitter's ability to be flexible with their hours would be very helpful. If the parents are staying out late for a work event or date night, the new sitter would cover those hours. Also, if the kids are off school for a holiday, the family would love if the sitter could cover a full day.

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