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SHORT-TERM: $28/hour for 6+ hours/week (TUES), UWS, 2 kids, boy 3, girl 6! (fSTAO092219)

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Are you looking for a short-term position to get you through the winter? This loving family on the UWS is looking for a SmartSitter to join them through January while their regular sitter is away. They have a girl who is 6 and a boy who is 3. The daughter has ADD and sometimes needs help focusing on her homework and other tasks. She loves to sing, dance, and be creative! The boy is 3 and is very sweet and loves to play. The main schedule is Tuesday evenings from 4 to 10pm but mom would love a sitter with some flexibility to work other occasional weeknights! Apply if this sounds like the job for you!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone loving, fun, and creative! Their usual SmartSitter comes up with creative ways to get the kids to transition into the next task that they may not want to do, like coming up with fun games and silly songs. She also thinks up creative ways to keep the 6 year old on task while doing her homework so she stays engaged and interested. The family would love their new sitter to want to connect with their children and really enjoy spending time with them.


Tuesdays 4 - 10pm Other weekdays as needed in the evenings would be great!

About the Children

Girl, 8 - Loves to sing and dance! She's super silly and fun. She has ADD and can easily stray from her tasks and needs help staying focused. Boy, 3 - He is super sweet and easy going!


You'll arrive at the family's house where the 3 year old will usually already have had dinner and be in his pjs and ready to wind down for bedtime later on. Their 6 year old daughter will have also had dinner but will have another "second dinner" (snack) later on and hang out with you after you've put her brother to bed around 7. She goes to bed around 8:30/9pm. Rarely will there be any meal prep involved, just connect with the kids and have fun while you're there! If the girl hasn't finished her homework by the time you get there, you may help her with that as well, and keep her on track as she deals with ADD. They love reading books before bed!

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