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WEEKENDS: $28-30/hour for 20 hours/weekend, Chelsea, 3 kids, girl, 4.5, boy 4.5, girl 2.5 (fWLT103019)

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Are you looking for a great weekend position? This busy Chelsea family is looking for a long-term weekend sitter to help out their family on Saturdays and Sundays. They have three kids - two 4.5 year old twins (G & B) and one 2.5 year old (G). Mom and dad will be home on the weekends so the sitter is there to lend a hand and accompany them on outings - just generally keep things moving and going smoothly! The sitter will rarely be with more than 1 or 2 of the kids at a time. Sometimes you may take one of them to the park, take two to run an errand, or accompany the family to a birthday party. Apply if this would be a great fit for you!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone who is not too passive, who has good instincts about what needs to be done and takes initiative without direction, someone who can be comfortable setting firm and clear boundaries and won't be a pushover. Someone who is a great story-teller and can be creative with problem solving! An example mom gave was how a past sitter used to get the kids to go brush their teeth in the evening by making a game out of it and crawling to the bathroom like cats. Imagination and creativity like this will go a long way!


Saturday and Sunday 10am-8pm

About the Children

Girl , 4.5 - Strong willed, tends to be the ring leader, spunky, loves dramatic play, active and sensory kid, wants to swing and jump and run! Boy, 4.5 - More sensitive and can be needy but is super sweet. Girl, 2.5 - Funny playful sweet imaginative play, good at playing by herself. The dynamic when the 3 of them are together can sometimes get tricky, so a sitter who is able to navigate and help out with this when it gets tough will be best for the family. Again, you will rarely be left with all 3 alone!


It's all hands on deck for this family! You'll be there to help out with whatever needs to be done, you will rarely be with all three kids at a time. Some days you may take two of them to the park while mom or dad takes the other to an appointment, or you'll take one to run a quick errand. Other days the family may have a birthday party to go to and you'll be there to help gather everyone into the Uber and read stories and keep them entertained while on the way. Sometimes you may need to prepare some light meals for the kids, or help them to tidy up their play spaces.

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