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PART TIME BABYSITTER: Tribeca, $30/hour for 20 hours/week guaranteed, with 4 girls and another caregiver! kPTEA62719

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Do you come from a big family or have experience working with large families?! This job is for you! A new Tribeca family with 4 girls from ages 3-8 years old is looking for a new after school sitter. They have a full-time nanny who will be working with them as a team, too! Someone with experience with these ages, after school routines, and sibling dynamics is a huge plus! It's $30/hour gross for 20 hours/week guaranteed. The position will begin in January 2020!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

The ideal person can help with homework and can be proactive in general to really pitch in where needed. Someone who can work well with the full-time nanny and is a team player. Someone who loves working with kids and can engage all of them across their varying ages. Someone who is emotionally intuitive to the girls. Someone who can oversee the girls cleaning up their rooms.


The core schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, are 2-7 PM, with flexibility to assist in the evenings and with full days for school holidays.

About the Children

girl, 8 - She likes to spend time by herself. She can draw or play legos for hours. She loves coloring. She's very creative and bright. She's a bit more introverted. She has trouble when she gets frustrated with her sisters she doesn't always express herself. She might hit her sister or throw something and then she'll climb into bed. We'll talk to her and say you don't hit your sister. She can be difficult to navigate at times so someone understanding and patient for her is best. While she sometimes has trouble expressing herself, she follows all the rules. She's the typical first child. She is in a yoga class and soon she's going to do an after school ice skating class. girl, 7- She's super sporty and she's up for anything. She loves to help and is very sweet. She likes to play any sport. She likes to read to people, too. girl, 6 - She just started kindergarten. She's really sweet, but has her moments as she is entering some of her more formative years. She's figuring out her place in the family as one of the middle children and the world. She likes soccer and loves to swim. girl, 3 - You'd think she's 10 the way she walks around the house. She started preschool this year and does a half day. She goes to bed between 6 and 7 PM. She has just one after school activity. With 4 girls, there is a lot of testing boundaries, some independence, and whole lot of activity!


Working alongside the other nanny and occasionally mom, too. You will split the daily responsibilities with the other nanny. Arrive at 2PM at home to assist with meal prep and the girls' laundry or the occasional errand. Then head to school which is a 5 minute walk. The three girls are at same school and get out at 2:45 PM. Usually there is at least one activity after school. Either take someone to swimming or drop them off at their activity which usually lasts an hour or so. You can take the other girls to a nearby park or do a fun activity while you wait. Girls' activities are typically 3 or 4 PM and done by 4:30. From there, come home and help with homework. Prepping their dinner for 5:30 PM, and making it fun. The kids are somewhat picky so this is important. The family is helpful with menus and can make the varied and well rounded. Helping with bath time; the older girls can take baths or shower. Mom tries to get home by 6 PM, and there's a lot of support at home. Mom is around fairly early unless she has work stuff. One person runs around other person with the baby and starting dinner. Usually you don't have more than two kids at a time. Maybe you'll be with three kids and two will participate and you'll sit with one during the activity. Sometimes both caregivers will go to school pick up.

  • Rate

    $30/hour gross


    at least through June 2020, and potentially longer

    Total Hours per Week

    20 hours/week guaranteed

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