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PART TIME/FULL TIME BABYSITTER: UES, $25-30/hour for 27.5-40 hours/week guaranteed, plus a monthly metrocard, with three kids and two other caregivers! kPTKH111419

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We have a lovely veteran UES family looking for a new after school SmartSitter to join their team. They have worked with several SmartSitters in the past including several of our former admin teammates! Everyone adores them and says the best things about them. The core schedule is Monday to Friday, 2:30 PM to 8 PM. Flexibility to assist with full days, the occasional morning drop off, or later nights is a huge plus! This position is primarily with the older kids (the girl typically), however the sitter will be working alongside mom and their other caregivers and sometimes with both the youngest boy. They are looking for someone cheerful, fun, engaging, reliable, adaptable, willing to learn and help, and easy going to join their team. Open communication and a willingness to learn more about and implement their family style is paramount! It's $25-30/hour gross (DOE) for 27.5-40 hours/week guaranteed, plus a monthly metrocard. The position will begin as soon as they find the right fit!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone who has multiples experience and is comfortable working alongside a team and other caregivers. Experience with toddlers and school aged kids is a huge plus! Someone who is patient and understanding with a background in special needs or education is a big plus as well. Someone willing to learn the strategies and approaches used by the family and even meet with the boy's therapist and learning specialists. Communication is huge in this role as you are working as a part of a larger team. mom and dad are also very communicative and open. Someone who can really connect with the kids. Someone who has a huge imagination and even an a few other tricks and ideas for games up their sleeve. Someone who is comfortable with allergies and can be conscientious of her tree nut allergies. They have to be mindful of this and detail orientated to be sure she doesn't eat anything with tree nuts. This is really not a position to be missed!


The core schedule is Monday to Friday, from 2:30-8 PM. The family is willing to guarantee up to 40 hours/week to add PA and household management tasks into the mix as well. Flexibility to assist with full days, the occasional morning drop off, or later nights is a huge plus! .

About the Children

boy, 1- He is super sweet and a really lovely little guy. He loves playing with his siblings and being read to. girl, 5- She started kindergarten this year. She is so social and fun, and typically gets along with everyone! She loves to dance.She is really into dress up and pretend play, but her parents would also like her to play educational games, cards, Memory, etc. She is working on her reading and handwriting. She carries an EpiPen with her for her tree nut allergy and is pretty aware and articulate about it with people. They avoid things like peanut M&Ms because they are processed in a facility with tree nuts, etc. Boy, age 8 - He's very energetic, smart, and creative! He loves Beyblades, building legos and reading, especially Harry Potter. He likes sports. Afterschool he has baseball, squash, and coding classes. He also has homework. He has ADHD for which he takes medication. During preschool he had some behavioral issues and they are working with a professional to tackle this. They get along really well, however, the position is primarily with the girl.


The job would entail occasionally arriving early to the home to take care of household tasks related to the kids such determining what groceries they need, buying groceries, mailing packages, running errands, some meal prep, etc. Then starting at 3 PM, they will help with after school pick up for both kids, bring them home or take her to after school activities every day (ballet, gymnastics, speech therapy, etc.). You will host and organize playdates at home at at other's homes. You'll have a generally great time with the kids and play in and outside when there is downtime. On occasion mom may want to pick up the boy from school or take him to an activity. In these instances, the SmartSitter would be asked to run an errand, do the children's laundry, or start preparing dinner. In the evening from 5 PM onwards, the focus shifts towards getting both older children bathed and fed, and the boy's homework completed. Mom will usually be home in the evenings with the two SmartSitters, however as the SmartSitter gets into a groove they may on occasion have both children on their own. You will be working alongside their other SmartSitter and the full-time nanny. Occasionally, you may be asked to watch all three kids or just the littlest one if his nanny is away or on vacation. **The family wanted to note that it is important that their sitter understand the range of responsibilities that they will be responsible for as well, such as: Picking kids up and taking them to activities. Engaging the kids in active play. Supervising homework. Preparing dinner (they keep it simple!) and cleaning up from dinner. Baths and bedtime help. Personal admin such as figuring out what groceries they need and placing an order or going to the post office. ***The family is willing to guarantee up to 40 hours/week to add PA and household management tasks into the mix as well. They said, "Someone who is mature — good judgment and attitude — and is open to and enthusiastic about a mix of after school childcare and personal assisting would be ideal. A willingness to meal plan and do some cooking would be a must, as they would be taking on bigger projects like taking the car to be serviced, bringing Xmas decorations up from the basement, storing clothes and the items generally in the basement, etc. It would be more than the taking packages to post office. Good attitude, attention detail, and good communication might be more important for the PA work than the childcare. If someone could do that and childcare well we would welcome their help for a long time!"

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    $25-30/hour gross


    for at least one year to start!

    Total Hours per Week

    27.5-40 hours/week guaranteed

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