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PART TIME BABYSITTER: UWS, $25/hour for 5 MORNINGS/week, with two highly energetic kids, 5 and 3! kPTCC12919

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Are you near the UWS and looking for a new morning position? Do you have experience helping to start the day off right and get kids ready and off to school?? This position is for you if you are also happy, engaging, fun, organized, and ready to take every day on with a smile on your family. The schedule is Monday through Friday mornings with their two kids, 5 and 3. Both are super active and really fun. They are going through a few adjustments in their home life, so an understanding and warm person is their ideal sitter. It's $25/hour gross for 5 mornings/week starting as soon as they find the right fit.

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone reliable and trustworthy and ultimately super positive and understanding; the family takes honesty and communication very seriously! Being flexible within a boundary while maintaining a positive approach and really empowering the kids to be their best selves. Someone proactive and caring with their boys. Someone who is patient and active, warm, gentle, and kind. Someone who is knowledgable to the art of distraction! Moving their attention to other things and activities often solves any. Their ideal sitter is also super engaging, bright and sunny, and someone who really wants to be there and interact with the kids while giving mom and dad a helping hand.


Mornings, Monday to Friday, from 6:30-8:45 AM.

About the Children

boy, 5- Sensitive, Smart, and Funny. Likes TV/Movies, cars, trains, reading, and stickers. No allergies, but picky! Sensory issues and likes to know what is coming next. He is very sweet and kind, but does suffer from a bit of anxiety. He has just started therapy. boy, 3- ACTIVE/High Energy! Likes running, jumping, climbing, Sesame Street (Elmo), and books. He is entering those terrible twos, so he tends to get emotional from time to time. He is in his "no" stage, so someone who can be firm is paramount! Both boys are really sweet and kind. They are going through a lot of transitions and adjusting as best they can. There may be an adjustment period.


The SmartSitter will split up after school responsibilities with mom and sometimes dad (they are recently divorced, but get along well and live in the same building!). Pick the 5-year-old from school most likely, take him to activities and playdates, and take him home. You'll work alongside the mom and help her with the two boys in the afternoons. Help with dinner prep and tidying up after meals and play time. On occasion, you may help with a local errand or the boys' laundry. If staying late, you may help with the bedtime routine as well! They may very occasionally assist with the morning routine alongside mom or dad who lives in the same building! Getting them ready, fed, and off to school. Sometimes they will take one and sometimes they will take both.

  • Rate

    $25/hour gross


    through at least June 2020

    Total Hours per Week

    5 mornings/week

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