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PART-TIME: $25-30/hour GROSS for 18 hours/week (Fri Sat), Tribeca, boy 1.5, girl 3.5! fPTEG121019

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This Tribeca family is looking for another sitter to help out on Fridays after school through the evening and on Saturdays in the afternoon to night! Schedule is Fridays 3pm to 11pm and Saturdays 1pm to 11pm. They will compensate for a cab or Uber home. Their 1.5 and 3.5 year old kids are super cute and fun. The position is pretty straightforward and will include cooking simple meals for the kids on the two days you're with them and helping mom out by getting to some tasks she's not able to, like helping with the kids laundry, cleaning the strollers every so often, and keeping things organized around the house. They've converted one of their guest rooms into a big playroom for the kids and so they like to be engaged and have a lot of fun! Apply if you have experience with these ages and would be excited about this position!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone who is super responsible and can take initiative, will handle things as they come. Someone who can just figure out what needs to be done and do it! Someone who is happy to work as a team and jump in to keep things running smoothly. Have to be ok with dogs! Also taking them out would be great. One is blind and deaf and gets around by smell. Other one has arthritis. They take medication and it would be great if the sitter could do that.


Fridays 3pm to 11pm Saturdays 1pm to 11pm

About the Children

Boy, 1.5 - He loves reading books! Into everything his big sister is into Girl, 3.5 - Good at communicating, very loving, takes good care of her little brother, loves unicorns and anything pink and purple, loves to dance to music, loves to color and read as well! No dietary restrictions, they share a room, good with the dogs!


Arrive at the home and start to get dinner ready (pasta, maybe heating up a lasagne, chopping up broccoli and steaming it), then go out to get the kids from school on Fridays, have them unpack their bags and lunchboxes, kids have a pretty clear cut afternoon/bedtime routine, bath time is around 6:15. 1.5yo goes to bed between 6:45/7. 2.5yo asleep usually by 8pm. They have a playroom in the apartment to hang out in! Clean up after the kids, make sure laundry is put away, keep the cabinets organized, clean the stroller if needed.

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