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PART TIME BABYSITTER: FiDi, $25-30/hour TR afternoon and every other Mon or Wed, 12.5 hours/week guaranteed, with girl, 1! kPTBF121319

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Do you love babies?! Are you free midday to cuddle and love a little?! A FiDi family who is returning to the city after a few years away is coming back with baby in tow! They have an adorable and easy going one-year-old girl who is super sweet and just about to walk! They are looking for someone who is reliable, tidy, communicative, and comfortable working around both parents who largely work remotely from home. It's $2530/hour gross for 12.5 hours/week on average and guaranteed. The position will begin mid-January when they come back to NYC!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

This is their first sitter, so someone really communicative and reliable. CPR certification. Someone who is easy going, yet can keep to a schedule. A super duper tidy person who can pick up after themselves and the baby in a timely manner.


Tuesday and Thursday, from 10-3/4 PM, with an additional flexible day every other week.

About the Children

girl, 1- She is a really sweet and pretty easy baby. She goes with the flow and loves to play. She is crawling and about to start walking. She has no allergies. schedule: Tuesday and Thursday, from 10-3/4 PM, with an additional flexible day every other week.


Assisting with the baby while mom and dad are working at home and focusing on their work. Taking her to the kids room in the building and utilizing the building's amenities if mom or dad need some quiet time. Taking her to the park or to a nearby. A typical day looks like the following: they are transitioning her to solely solids. She is currently eating solids and purees 1-2 times/day. She eats at 11 PM and 3 PM. She sleeps well and naps around 9:45 AM for an hour, and if she misses that nap, she will fall asleep around 2 PM, for about an hour. She doesn't have a set schedule. Assisting with her laundry and tidying up from the day. It should be noted that they are likely to have cameras in the baby's room (monitor) and in the living area and kitchen.

  • Rate

    $25-30/hour gross


    2-3 months, ideally longer

    Total Hours per Week

    12.5 hours/week on average

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