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FULL TIME SHORT TERM NANNY: Ditmas Park, $25-30/hour for 38 hours/week guaranteed, with baby girl, 4 months! kSTRM122719

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Are you a baby expert?! Do you love cuddling them?! Are you looking for a short-term job?! A Ditmas Park family with a brand new baby girl is looking for a short-term full-time nanny to assist from mid-February to the beginning of May. They are looking for an infant experiecned and CPR certified nanny to assist in the interim while mom transitions back to work and before they have family coming in to assist! It's $25-30/hour gross for 38 hours/week guaranteed. Apply today!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone who will be really engaging with her, will talk with her, and aid in her overall development. Someone who would be willing to keep track of this development and make notes of it for mom and dad. Someone who can take her out with the weather is nice and keep her active. Someone warm, communicative, and really wants to share with mom and dad how the day is going. mom would love to FaceTime with them during lunches to check in and see the baby. Infant experience and CPR certification is required.


From February to the beginning of May, Monday to Wednesday, 8/8:30-6:30 PM, and Thursdays, from 9-5 PM. Some flexibility at the end is super appreciated. They would potentially need Fridays if mom's days off doesn't pan out.

About the Children

girl, will be 4 months- She is growing as developing everyday. She is a great and easy going baby for the most part. She hasn't had any colic or anything. She largely only fusses if she is hungry or needs to be changed. She is cooing all the time and loves to "talk". She sleeps quite well and they will start sleep training her soon. She doesn't have the most consistent schedule and at the moment she is eating every 2-3 hours, though this is likely to change. She is exclusively breastfed, so mom will pump and leave bottles.


Having full care of the baby while mom and dad are at work (on Thursdays, mom will be home, though working at that time). Changing her, playing with her, feeding her, putting her down for naps, and taking her out for some sun and fresh air. The sitter will assist with tidying up while she is sleeping and helping with her laundry.

  • Rate

    $25-30/hour gross


    mid-February to the beginning of May

    Total Hours per Week

    38 hours/week guaranteed

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