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PART-TIME: $27/hour for 16 hours/week, Hoboken, girl and boy twins, 18mo! fPTJL020119

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Are you looking for a light part-time position? Do you have experience with multiples and LOVE spending time with toddlers? This sweet Hoboken family is looking for a new SmartSitter to help out on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11am - 7pm. They are open to covering transportation costs and there is a bus from Port Authority, 10-15 minutes! They would like to find someone who has awesome experience with this age and is comfortable with multiples. The sister and brother both have fun personalities and get along well, while enjoying different things! The girl loves to color and focus on quiet activities, while the brother loves to run around and figure out how things work. Apply now if this sounds like a great position for you!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

he parents would love someone who can be focused on engaging in what the kids are engaging but can also introduce them and get them excited about new activities! Someone who can help them explore different things and maybe knows about developmental milestones. Experience with multiples and this age group is a MUST!


Tuesdays and Wednesdays 11am - 7pm (Could also be Wednesday/Thursday if that's better!) Start date January 27!

About the Children

Boy and girl twins, 18 months: girl is very much a little lady, likes to read and sit and focus on activities, likes to color, a little more quiet than her brother. Boy loves to run around and climb things, examine how things work, take things apart and put them together, a little bit more adventurous than his sitter. Both fun and sweet kids!


Play a little when you get to the home, give them a snack, get them down for their an-time routine (transitioning to 1 nap per day), while they nap empty the dishwasher or clean up from breakfast, maybe run a load of the kids laundry, tidy up their toys. Usually mom will leave food for lunch or dinner in the fridge, but if you love to cook and would like to, feel free! Can play with their toys in the apartment and they also have a toy room in the apartment complex. Sometimes take them to a music class or go to the park when it’s nice out!

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