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FULL-TIME: $25-27/hour for 50 hours/week, UWS, 2 kids, 3yo and 6mo! fFTKH010820

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Are you looking for a super full-time childcare position? Do you have great toddler and infant experience! This family on the UWS is looking for a full-time sitter starting now! The sitter needs to be comfortable with being super active as their son has a lot of energy, and you'll need to keep up with him while having the baby in tow as well. They have a pretty set daytime schedule, outlined below. The 3yo goes to school every day in the mornings and naps in the afternoons. The baby is happy and is on a napping and feeding schedule! The parents would love for this new sitter to find creative ways to spend time with the kids, and come up with fun activities. Please apply if you can commit for a year, and ideally longer!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Needs to be physically active and like to move! Who will be able to keep up with the boy and also tow a baby. Needs to be someone who really cares about child development. Super, duper engaging and creative. Someone who is social and can get to know other nannies to set up playdates.


Monday - Friday 7am - 5pm

About the Children

Boy, 3 - he’s super, duper active! Super smart and happy. He goes to school for 3.5 hours/day on the weekdays . He’s potty trained. Girl, 6mo - a happy baby! They both eat well! They are both curious and intellectual.


Come at 7am, spend some time getting breakfast ready for the son and mom will take him to school while you stay with the daughter. She’ll take a nap and then you’ll take the baby to go get him from school when she wakes up (10 blocks away). He takes a nap at 1pm and sleeps for 1.5 hours usually. She’ll take a second nap around 2/2:30pm. Both up in the later afternoon and you’ll be super engaged with creative activities. Set up playdates with other kids and get to know other nannies. Find cool things for them to do! Baby will be bottle fed until mom introduces solids. Some meal prep will be involved for the toddler and mom has simple recipes you can follow. Number one criteria is safety! Light housekeeping related to the kids like laundry and cleaning up their things.

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