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PART TIME BABYSITTER: Fidi, $25-30/hour for 15 hours/week SUPER FLEX, with baby girl 3 months! kPTMB2720

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Are you looking to work with a lovely family and create a schedule based on your availability?! Look no further! A new family downtown is looking for a SmartSitter to help out with their baby girl a few days/week while mom is working from home. They are super flexible with the schedule, though would want to lock something in when they start. Their ideal sitter is communicative easy going, loving, warm, and has wonderful experience with infants! Mom may go back to work in a month or two, so if she did, they would be open to shifting to a full-time role either with this person or a new one! Please note if you would be available of interested in working with them full-time in the future as well. It's $25-30/hour gross for 15 hours/week to start. The position will begin in March!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

They are a pretty relaxed family and have some things they want to be accomplished like reading with her and doing tummy time with her, though they trust their people. They very much want someone who can be a partner with this on this journey. It's a collaborative effort. Someone who can make sure their baby girl is happy, healthy, and well fed. Someone who can be consistent, reliable, and super engaging. They are an attachment type family, but in a and really want her to know that people love her and are taking care of her. The most ideal sitters are positive and patient.


To start 2-3 days/week for 5 hours/day for the next month to two. They are super flexible with what the set schedule ends up being. Flexibility to assist additionally if it comes up. There is the potential to move to full-time in a month or so, but this is unsure and note required of the sitter. Please note in your app if you might be interested in shifting later.

About the Children

girl, 3 months- She has a pretty set routine and is a relaxed baby. She is the best baby and 100% healthy. She sleeps 7 hours every night and only wakes up once. She isn't the best at sleeping during the day. She goes out once/day for about 3 hours. She is on half milk/half formula. She loves to smile and only gets upset when she is hungry and might be tired


Helping with her full care while mom is in and out, typically working. Feeding her, changing her, putting her down for naps, engaging her with tummy time and developmental play. Occasionally helping to tidy up or clean bottles, but only if the baby is asleep. They are very in tuned with the fact that they want their sitter to focus on the baby.

  • Rate

    $25-30/hour gross


    6-12 weeks to start and potentially longer!

    Total Hours per Week

    15 hours/week guaranteed

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