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PART-TIME BABYSITTER: Forest Hills, $25-30/hour for 4 hours/week, Friday afternoons with girl, 3! kPTJK21920

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Do you have Friday afternoons free? Do love Frozen and music in general?! A lovely Forest Hills family is looking for a new Friday afternoon sitter for their 3-year-old daughter. She is bright, fun, observant, and sensitive. She is really fun when she comes out of her shell and loves to run around! It's $25-30/hour gross for 4 hours/week. They can be somewhat flexible from time to time with the schedule as well! Apply today to start this job ASAP!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone who can be silly with her and has a good sense of humor. She really likes people who are goofy. Someone who perhaps doesn't take themselves too seriously. She does best with consistency and structure, though doesn't respond to a strict personality. She thrives with choice or explanation. They do time outs if they need to, but it's not as black and white when it comes to discipline. They really value the choices approach. Someone observant like the girl. A love of music is huge! Someone who wants to run around with her and be engaging.


The core schedule is Friday, from 2:15-630 PM. Flexibility to assist additionally throughout the week is a plus. The family can also be flexible to shift the afternoon should you have something come up on occassion and can give at least one week's notice.

About the Children

girl, 3- She is in school 5 days/week from 9-2:45 PM. She loves people and is super adaptable. She can be extremely sensitive and observant. She notices a lot of fine details, though she isn't so chatty. She really takes in the information and can express how she feels. On the other end, she is so active and really physical. She likes to rough house and be super playful. She can be very proud and keeps in her emotions, though she is also so nurturing and loving. She is creative and likes singing. There may be a bit of a transition at first where she is more observant and introspective, though she will eventually come out of her shell. She likes to be helpful and doing stuff with you. She is a good eater and loves to eat! She loves Frozen and Elsa!


Pick her up from school and walk home with her. Stay with her and do fun activities with her, going to the park, and having playdates. Helping with snacks and some meals.

Additional Information

They are away 3/20.

  • Rate

    $25/hour gross


    ideally through at least June 2020

    Total Hours per Week

    4 hours/week guaranteed

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