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PART TIME BABYSITTER: Weekend *AND/OR* after school, UWS, $25-30/hour for 17-18 hours/week, TR and/or Sun, with two kids, 5 and 1! kPTAL21920

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Are you experienced with toddler and working alongside another caregiver? Are you engaging, proactive, city savvy, and fun? A wonderful veteran SmartFamily is looking for a new SmartSitter as they sadly say goodbye to their beloved SmartSitter. They are looking for help primarily with their son on Tuesdays, from 11-3 PM (in March) and until 6 PM in April, Thursday, 11-6 PM, Sundays, from 11/12-6 PM. They will be assisting their full-time nanny and occasionally helping with the girl as well! They are open to having one or two people to cover weekday afternoons and weekends! Please note the schedule for which you are interested! It;s $25-30/hour gross for 17-18 hours/week guaranteed. The position will begin as soon as the first week of March!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

The family would love someone who is engaging and would love to interact with the boy and the girl. Reliability and timeliness are always important. If there's a change in schedule, always provide advanced notice. Experience with both age groups and experience working alongside other parents or caregiver is required! Ideally if you live relatively close, this is a plus. Someone super NYC savvy who knows the trains and their way around the city. They need someone who is committed to the role, can provide consistency for their family, and will be there for the regular schedule. They can be loyal and love their people so they are looking to have someone new join their fold, though they are so sad to see their current SmartSitter leave.


The core schedule is Tuesdays, from 11-3 PM (in March) and until 6 PM in April, Thursday, 11-6 PM, Sundays, from 11/12-6 PM. Flexibility to assist additionally is a huge plus if their full-time nanny is away. **This family is also comfortable having one sitter for the weekdays and one for weekends, so please note your availability and the schedule for which you are interested**

About the Children

boy, 1- He isn't quite walking, but n the move! He loves cars and wheels. He is super interested in exploring and looking at everything! girl, 5 - She is super into princesses and Disney. She does ballet and gymnastics.


Working alongside their full-time nanny with the two kids. Picking up the kids from school, going to activities, and playdates, and can get them around safely and independently. making sure he's eating well, napping, taking him out for walks or to his class, and really caring for him during their time together. Coordinating with the full-time nanny and following her lead when needed. Helping out with some household responsibilities like tidying The new SmartSitter will be primarily with the boy, so the will be in charge of feeding him, changing diapers, etc., and can tag team with the girl as well. Traveling to CT with the family occasionally on Sundays (usually a few times every few months) and commute back to the city MetroNorth (1 hour direct from Grand Central).

Additional Information

Please note if you are interested in weekdays AND/OR weekends!

  • Rate

    $25-30/hour gross


    through at least June 2020, and ideally longer

    Total Hours per Week

    17-18 hours/week guaranteed

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