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PART-TIME BABYSITTER: UWS, M-R, $25-27/hour for 18 hours/week, with girl, 3! kPTSB22620

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Are you engaging, thoughtful, proactive, and familiar with the Waldorf or RIE methods? A new-to-the-network family in Morningside Heights is looking for a part-time SmartSitter to assist with their thoughtful and creative 3-year-old girl while they are working from home. The core schedule is Monday, from 9 or 10 to 3 or 4 PM, and Tuesday through Thursday, from 12-4 PM. They are looking for someone who can connect with them and their daughter on a spiritual level and help provide a gentle and loving active environment for her. It's $25-27/hour gross for 18 hours/week guaranteed. The position will begin ASAP! Apply today.

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

A lover of arts and crafts is huge for them as the girl is so creative and imaginative. Someone who is engaging, fun, encouraging, and positive who can keep the rhythm of the day with a gentle approach. They communicate with her very clearly and it is important that their new person have a gentle tone. They don't do any type pf discipline, but still have boundaries with her. She knows the healthy boundaries that they have with her and she knows what she isn't allowed to do but setting that up the consistency and the rhythm. They are not super strict about her diet ( no food restrictions), though they live a healthy and balanced life. Someone who can recognize when she needs a bit of down time and play on her own. They are an alternative family that owns a healing company. They are super spiritual and open minded. They want to create a calm, unhurried environment for the girl. Someone kind and patient who connects with them on this level is paramount. They are a fully screen free family. She does a Waldorf based program in the mornings, so they are super child-led play. They do a balance of RIE and interactive play. They allow her to have respect and communication with those around her. They like to keep a good and consistent rhythm to their day. Someone super proactive who can see that they have down time and the dishes need to be done, so they d them to lend a helping hand to mom.


The core schedule is Monday 9-3 or 10-4, TWR 12-4 (18 hours/week). Flexibility to assist with full days when there are breaks at school from 9-4 PM, or on weekends if mom and dad are working.

About the Children

girl, 3- She is an absolutely joy and is so fun. She is super interactive and loves a variety of play. She love imaginative play and riding her scooter. She likes to jump on their mimi trampoline. She loves the park and playing with older kids like her siblings. She really connects with people and is super social when she recognizes a spark they might have. She is very easy to love and is a king kid. She is quite active and loves to be outside. She doesn't take naps and on a rarity she will take one, but they have not been doing them scheduled since she started her morning program. She does sleep 12 hours/night starting at 630 PM. She has two older half siblings who are typically only there on the weekends.


On Mondays, they would arrive in the morning to greet the girl and prep a snack. They will plan an outing to the park or a fun activity nearby to take her to for the morning. Coming back home and giving her some free time play while they make her lunch. Tidying after play and lunch, and doing a fun or engaging activity at home or outside. Sometimes, they take the dog out and the girl loves this for a small stroll to get some afternoon fresh air! The other days, they will pick her up from the program on 5th ave and east 76th street. Take the bus home and give her the packed snack. Then spending the afternoon doing some indoor play and engagement with her. Helping with some of her meal prep and tidying up after. Mom and dad have a space at home and one is always home, so keeping her engaged and separate from them is super important. They made this adjustment in the summer and she really understands how it works now and to not go into the room when it's closed. She may need some reminders or to go out if she tries to interrupt their work.

  • Rate

    $25-27/hour gross, plus reimbursement for travel with the girl


    through mid-August is ideal, and potentially longer

    Total Hours per Week

    18 hours/week

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