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PART-TIME: $28-30/hour for 18 hours/week, Tribeca, boy 1.5, girl 3.5! fPTEG3420

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This Tribeca family is looking for another sitter to help out Sundays through Thursdays. Schedule is Sundays 1pm to 7pm and Mondays - Thursdays 4pm to 7pm. Their 1.5 and 3.5 year old kids are super cute and fun. The position will be mostly helping mom out by getting to some tasks she's not able to, like helping with the kids laundry, emptying the strollers after school and keeping things organized around the house. Read description below! They've converted one of their guest rooms into a big playroom for the kids and so they like to be engaged and have a lot of fun! Apply if you have experience with these ages and would be excited about this position!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone with a lot of attention to detail, who can take initiative and just jump in when something needs to be done. An independent thinker! Someone who knows how to help out and will automatically do it. Someone excited to spend time with the kids!


Monday - Thursday 4 - 7pm Sunday 1 - 7pm

About the Children

Boy, 1.5 - He loves reading books! Into everything his big sister is into Girl, 3.5 - Good at communicating, very loving, takes good care of her little brother, loves unicorns and anything pink and purple, loves to dance to music, loves to color and read as well! No dietary restrictions, they share a room, good with the dogs!


Arrive at the family's home and make the kids lunches for the next day, and when mom brings the kids back from school unpack the stroller, do the kids laundry if needed. Put a simple dinner on the table for the kids (like put a lasagna from Fresh Direct in the oven or steam some broccoli). Clean up after dinner. Mom just wants to know that things are taken care of! Dogs walked at 6. On Thursdays you'll pick the kids up from school. Sometimes Dad takes them to some of their after-school activities. Weekdays will be more keeping things organized when the kids get back from school/getting their lunches and dinners together, whereas Sundays will be more typical babysitting the kids!

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