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SHORT-TERM PART-TIME BABYSITTER: UWS, M-F, $25-30/hour for 25 hours/week, with girls, 9 &11. kPTAS31120

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Are you looking for an after school job through end remainder of the school year?? This is such a lovely family and they will be very generous and fair employers. Both mom and dad work, and so reliability is super important. The schedule is Monday through Friday afternoons, with flexibility for late nights and full days when school is out. The family has two kind, smart, rule following daughters, ages 9 and 11. It's $25-30/hour for 25 hours/week guaranteed. Interviews will take place immediately, with the position starting at the end of the month!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

The family is looking for a reliable, warm and bright SmartSitter who is able to make the girls feel comfortable and secure after they arrive home from school. The family would like a person who can help both girls continue to excel in school -- for the youngest this means someone who is interested in reading to her, and for the eldest this means someone who can ensure she is spending time reading and/or doing homework. In addition, they would like the person to engage both children in activities that interest them (art, games, imaginary play) and help organize their art supplies/art table, books and toys. Reliability is essential. Punctuality is essential. Warmth and friendliness is huge as is someone who is loving and caring with them and isn't too much of a disciplinarian. The girls are more passive, but follow the rules and don't have too much of an issue with this, so someone who can be friendly and warm in this aspect. Someone willing to play games with them, someone who is educated and articulate, someone with high energy, and who is good with this age group are all important qualities. Someone who can read the girls and know when the oldest wants to be alone and is ok giving her the space she needs while engaging with the youngest.


The core schedule is: Monday: 12:30-6:30 PM Tuesday: 1 – 6:30 PM Wednesday: 1 – 7:30 PM Thursday: 1 – 6:30 PM Friday: 12:30 – 7 PM Flexibility to assist in the evenings and on full days if school is out is a big plus!

About the Children

girl, age 9 - She's slow to warm and shy at first, and fun-loving once she opens up. She loves to read books, create art, and engage in imaginary play. She takes gymnastics and is hoping to join one more class! She likes structure and order and is learning to play violin. She loves to do math problems and play games! She's goofy and loves to laugh and joke around. She loves organizing her room. girl, age 11 - She's on the shy side and introverted. She loves to read, write and create art and sew. She takes ballet three times/week and is really into it. She enjoys excelling at school and plays violin. She likes playdates. She takes pride in her work and in her appearance. Both are rule followers! They like to do the right thing. They are both really well behaved. There's a routine in the house. They like the predictability of the routine. They love music and dance.


Upon arrival, help with some light cleaning (arranging toys or the girls' rooms, tidying the kitchen and common areas to keep things in order) or do some light food prep (such as steaming vegetables), running errands in the neighborhood, and/or do the girls' laundry and sometimes towels and sheets (they wear uniforms to school that need to be ironed). After these light errands, picking them up on the East Side from school and head home for a snack then drop off the oldest at ballet. Come home with the youngest and help with the afternoon routine. Reading with the girls and engaging them in fun and active play. They love to hang out at home and share stories with their sitters. Doing fun and creative art and science projects. After that, back home for a snack and down time until dinner at 5:30. Mom usually arrive home around 6 PM. After dinner, please help clean up the kitchen from mealtime. You can then leave at 6 or 7 PM. It would be helpful if you have the ability to stay later periodically if mom has a late meeting at work or if she is coming home from traveling out of town. Additional responsibilities include homework help and quality time with the girls!

  • Rate

    $25/hour gross, plus reimbursement for travel with the girls


    through at least June 2020, and potentially again in the fall!

    Total Hours per Week

    30 hours/week guaranteed

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