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FULL TIME NANNY: Greenwich Village, $25/hour for 40-50 hours/week, with girl, 4, and baby-to-be. kFTVM31120

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Are you looking for a wonderful new full-time position?! Are you both a team player and great working solo?! A veteran SmartFamily in The Village is looking for a full-time nanny for their expanding family. They are looking for someone to assist with the toddler and some household tasks now, and then with the baby and the girl after the baby comes in the summer! They are looking for someone professional, proactive, helpful, detail-orientated, and really warm to join their team. It's $25/hour gross, plus a metrocard for 40-50 hours/week. Apply today! They are looking for someone to trial as soon as possible!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone super tidy and clean. A proactive and toddler/infant experienced sitter (CPR certification is required) who is comfortable with working alongside mom who is around especially before and just after the baby arrives (she is planning to go back to work after the baby comes). Someone who is punctual, energetic, engaging, patient, and compassionate. Someone who can keep up with the girl's development, and eventually the baby's, and keep her stimulation going throughout the day. Someone with a keen eye to detail; they are a very tidy family so someone who is fully willing to tidy up after all the messy and fun times! Someone who is a good cook, even if it's not their strongest skill. Mom is happy to help them get better by offering simple recipes to follow and utilizing. They are usually under 30 minutes and less than 10 ingredients. The new nanny should be comfortable maneuvering around the city on their own to get the girl from place to place for her playdates and activities etc. Spanish speaking is ideal.


To start, the core schedule is: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 7 AM to 6 PM, and Tuesday and Thursday, 2-6 PM After mom goes back to work in the summer: Monday to Friday, from 7-6 PM.

About the Children

baby-to-be in July girl, 4- She is currently attending nursery school (entering Pre-k in sept) at the Montessori School in Soho. She has a few after school activities such as chess on Mondays and ballet on Tuesdays. She loves playing outside and really needs a nanny who can keep up with her on the playground! She loves music and dance and loves to paint and color. She is also really enjoying puzzles and cooking/baking these days. She really is a sweetheart and hope we can find someone who is a good fit for her fun loving personality.


Arriving and getting the girl ready for school and off. When she is in school, helping making the beds, tidying up around the house, loading and unloading dishwasher, organizing toys, making meals for the full family, helping with laundry for the family once/week, grocery shopping and vacuuming once/week, and running errands in the neighborhood, and really being proactive and making sure the hold is stocked and organized. When mom is back to work, they will have full care for both the baby and the toddler for the full 11-hour days. They will have a night nurse so a lot of the responsibilities until the baby is a few months old will be with the oldest girl and the household tasks. This is a very important full-time caregiver job with a big undertaking, but not to be missed!

  • Rate

    $25/hour gross + monthly metrocard


    at least one year, ideally longer

    Total Hours per Week

    40-50 hours/week GUARANTEED

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