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SHORT-TERM: Wash Heights, $607.50/week guaranteed for 33.75 hours.week, with boy, 3! kSTJD32520

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Are you in Washington Heights and looking for a wonderfully thoughtful family to work with during the pandemic while practicing strict social distancing? Are you looking to spend this time with a sweet and kind 3-year-old? A really kind and warm family in Wash Heights is looking for a caregiver to help while one mom is working from home and the other will be away working on the front lines of the pandemic! They have a sweet and loving 3-year-old boy who is adjusting to this new normal of not being able to socialize as much as he'd like. He is really fun and energetic, and they are looking for a warm and kind sitter who can create structure and consistency for him through these changing times. It's $607.50/week guaranteed for 33.75 hours/week, plus reimbursement for travel to and from the positon if needed. It starts ASAP (as soon as 3/27), with FaceTime meetings taking place immediately!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Setting him up with zoom for his daycare lessons that take place in the morning and guiding him through them. Helping with his full care during the day while mom is working from home. You will be responsible for setting up the structure of his day including meals, playtime, outdoor walks at the nearby park (while practicing social distancing), some mental stimulation, and other household tasks such as his laundry and tidying up. Helping with the dog when she comes home from the dog run group in the afternoon and getting her out of her coat. etc. She is hypoallergenic, but loves a good cuddle! A strict social distancing practice is paramount!


The core schedule is Monday to Friday, from 10 AM to 4:45 PM.

About the Children

boy, 3-He is a really social guy, so he is missing his friends and being able to be with them. They live right next to the park and bringing trucks and taking long walks when able to.


Someone warm and kind who can create regular structure for him. Someone really confident and comfortable with this age group. Someone who can intuitively move him through the sequence of the day in a kind and directed way. He is silly so someone who can match his energy. He thrives off of attention, so someone super super engaging who really wants to make this time special and happy. Someone who can create the boundaries and consistency that he typically thrives on.

Additional Information

While one mom will be working from home during this time, his other mom will be staying at another apartment as she is a doctor who will begin working on the front lines of the pandemic. They are all very sad that she will be gone for some now, so they need someone super understanding, sunny, and bright to bring some warmth to their lives right now. Mom who is a doctor will not be around at all or in the home during this time.

  • Rate

    $18/hour gross, plus reimbursement for travel to and from the position


    4 weeks guaranteed!

    Total Hours per Week

    33.75 hours/week guaranteed

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