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SHORT-TERM PART-TIME: UWS with very active, clever, and energetic 7-year-old boy!

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Job code: kSTSR51420 - $22/hour gross for 30 hours/week guaranteed! Do you have significant experience with ADD? Are you patient, understanding, and very active?! A veteran UWS family is looking for a short-term part-time SmartSitter to assist in June with their 7-year-old boy. You'll pick him up from school and take him to the park, cook light meals with him, or introduce him to new & fun activities! He is opinionated, energetic, and loves to have fun. It's $22/hour gross to start with room to grow to $25/hour with exceptional feedback! 20-30 hours/week guaranteed. The position will begin asap with FaceTime meetings taking place immediately! Apply if you would be a great fit for this position!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone who will read with him, cook with him, be a leader and get him interested in other things in a fun way! Someone who can help him focus, who knows how to talk him through a schedule and what he’s going to do. Mom would love someone who can help organize and stay on top of playdates as well! This sitter needs to have experience dealing with children with ADD who can get frustrated easily, who knows how to talk through these issues with a child and help deal with them. This experience is paramount.


The schedule is quite flexible and they are still working out what will work best. Please include your availability and flexibility during the week.

About the Children

Boy, 6 - He is a very smart and tuned kid. He is very independent in terms of knows what he wants and has his own ideas, has his own opinions, does well with people who are fun and up for anything. He also does best with people who have boundaries, don't take things too personally if he acts out, and understand kids with ADD. He needs help staying focused and organized, loves to build things and likes to read! He has really gotten into working out and recently made a gym at their home. He can be a tough kid sometimes and needs a caregiver who is good at setting boundaries and building structure and knows tactics to deal with occasional behavioral outbursts. A side effect of the stay-at-home orders as a sensory kid means he has started chewing on everything and puts things in his mouth so he needs constant reminders especially now with the virus. He can also be rough with the dog, so he needs to be watched when they are playing.


The sitter will have full care for the boy while mom and dad are working from home or dad at his lab. They will be in charge of keeping him active and engaged throughout the day. You will be doing art and crafts and a lot of physical play as he is a pretty physically active kid. You will prep his meals and tidy up after. If the weather is good, you all can go to the park and maintain social distancing while getting all that energy out! It will be so important to keep him active and engaged as he thrives in these moments.

Additional Information

They have been out of the city since March with everyone practicing social distancing. They are coming back for the month of June and potentially staying in the city longer. Mom will be working from home, while dad may have to go into his lab at Columbia if it opens back up.

  • Rate

    $22/hour gross to start


    1-2 months and potentially longer

    Total Hours per Week

    20-30 hours/week guaranteed

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