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PART-TIME: Active, organized, proactive, and ADHD experienced sitter for 3 boys in Greenwich Village.

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Do you have a breadth of experience with ADHD? Are you active, engaging, and really organized? A veteran SmartFamily in Greenwich Village is looking for a new sitter to join their team in the fall for the upcoming school year. They have three boys, 15 and twin 10-year-olds. Their ideal candidate has experience with ADHD, can assist the boys with their school work (that is likely to be partially virtual this coming school year), and create structure for the family with all the changes happening. They love structure, but have just found it difficult to implement so they are open to suggestions! It's $25/hour gross! The position will begin in September with virtual meetings in the meantime. Apply today!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

The boys both have ADHD, and if possible, they'd like someone with a background or advanced degree in education. Someone super organized and proactive to help create structure. Someone who can help develop and implement a schedule for the boys and is detail orientated o keep them on track and focused. Someone who can think critically about what needs to be done for the kids, the structures in place already and what they put in place to make sure things are going well. Both parents struggle to set up structure themselves (though they know everyone thrives on it and they are happy to maintain it with the person), but super appreciate and value that structure. Especially with three different school (and moms!) implementation of their work and focus. Someone really active and engaging who can get the boys outdoors as well! Someone who is confident in the kitchen and likes to cook is a huge plus! They try to get Sun Basket for a few meals, so prepping those would be super helpful. Someone physically active and super engaging who can get them out to run around and get fresh air is huge!


The core schedule will be Monday-Friday for after school pick ups 3pm-9pm, Fridays potentially 12-6 PM. There is no announcement about school and they are all at different schools, so they will definitely need the assistance.

About the Children

boy, 10- He is in 5th grade at a private school. He is the class clown and super outgoing. He is very athletic. boy, 10- He is in 5th grade at a specialized school. He needs more consistency in his home life and coordination with his school psychologist. He is more of an introvert. Both twins have ADHD. They have similar structures at school. They have thrived with the online learning as it really works for their attention and there were not the personal distractions. boy.15 - He is largely self sufficient, though he has always enjoyed the social aspect of their caregivers. He loves to pal around and have a companion in them.


Working alongside the parents to help with school pick up, taking the boys to after school lessons and activities, homework and school help, dinner prep for the kids, with occasional evening sitting until 10 PM. Doing fun activities in and outdoors with the boys, sometimes all three. They are typically motivated by their sitters to be more active, so this will be paramount! Taking the dog out for his evening walk together, as well.

Additional Information

They are in CT at the moment and had been in Westchester to finish out the last school year. Mom is doing Columbia Teacher's college and they are all online in fall so she will be around, though potentially in class at times. Dad has been freelancing and has some flexibility as well to help. He is working from home at the moment and may go back to his office in the fall. They are wearing masks outdoors and maintaining social distancing.

  • Rate

    $25/hour gross


    through the 2020-2021 school year

    Total Hours per Week

    30 hours/week guaranteed

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