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FULL-TIME: Proactive, helpful, warm, and communicative caregiver for two kids, 2 and 4, in Greenwich Village.

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Are you super proactive, reliable, fun, and confident in your work with families and kids? Do you have experience as a caregiver with two toddlers? A veteran SmartFamily in Greenwich Village is looking for a new caregiver to join their family in September. They are looking for a full-time sitter to assist with both kids and help keep the house running smoothly while mom and dad are working from home. They are being very cautious regarding Covid as they are in the high risk category, so having a caregiver who aligns with their practice of strict social distancing, wearing a mask when outdoors (and sometimes in the home when working), and sanitizing high touch surfaces often is super important. Additionally and equally as importantly, someone who can keep their kids happy, safe, and having fun throughout all this craziness. They are open to someone who lives nearby and can walk or cycle, can drive themselves, or even live nearby in an apartment they would find for the sitter! The position will be $25-30/hour gross for 40 hours/week guaranteed. The position will begin as soon as possible! Apply today!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone very Covid sensitive as the family is has underlying health conditions. Someone proactive and industrious. Someone kind and warm who is good with kids these ages. Someone fun and engaging who can keep them really active and creative with their time versus being on screens which they are really trying to stay away from now. Someone who can really help to keep the children's minds engaged and developing. Helping them to be happy and balanced. Someone industrious, proactive, and helpful; a true right hand to the parents. Someone who can help with the childcare, tidying up, helping with the kid's laundry, keeping things stocked at home, and more household management, etc. Mostly light housework as they have a cleaning person in the city. Someone who has a car or doesn't have to rely on public transit is ideal. They can lease a spot in the garage for the sitter's car. if you would prefer to live in they can find an apt nearby for the person. Someone comfortable potentially having playdates with one other family who lives across the street and has kids who are similarly aged. Someone comfortable traveling for a month or two if things got more serious for a prolonged period of time with Covid like northern VT or our in Hilton Head. They don't typically take someone on vacation and such, this would be more to get away from potential cabin fever if the city is on prolonged shelter in place.


The core schedule is Monday to Fridays, from 9 AM to 5 PM. Flexibility to stay later or help on the very occasional weekend is a plus!

About the Children

Boy, 2 - He loves reading books! Into everything his big sister is into Girl, 4 - Good at communicating, very loving, takes good care of her little brother, loves unicorns and anything pink and purple, loves to dance to music, loves to color and read as well! They probably won't be in any classes this year. They aren't doing any iPad time at the moment.


Helping with the morning routine, feeding the kids, playing with them, putting the boy down at 1 PM, playing with both kids, and keeping them actively engaged and developing . Playing with the kids in and outdoors, setting up fun educational games to aid with their development like helping the girl to learn to read or sound out worst, etc. Depending on the girl's school schedule, she may be learning remotely so there would be assistance with this while with the boy. Alternatively, there would be shuttling back and forth from school. Tidying up the house, helping with the dishes, helping with the laundry, prepping meals, wipes the kitchen down, vacuuming, staying once/week to do the bathrooms and dusting. They would typically have a housekeeper, though as they attempt to minimize the number of people in the home, they would appreciate this extra help with the deep cleaning of the bathrooms once/week if possible.

Additional Information

They are being VERY CAUTIOUS as they have underlying health issues which put them at high risk right now. They are strictly social distancing and wearing masks even around their current caregiver when she's over. On our Covid Risk Tolerance Chart they are really between a 0 and 1, minimizing as much as they can their interactions with others and going places. Hand washing, wearing masks, and sanitizing high touch areas is very much a part of their daily routine.

  • Rate

    $25-30/hour gross


    for at least one year upfront

    Total Hours per Week

    40 hours/week guaranteed

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