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FULL-TIME: Smart, compassionate, and experience nanny for 3 kids, 9 months, 3, and 7 years.

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Do you have experience nannying for 3 kids across infants to school aged? Do you live in Brooklyn?! A family in Brooklyn Heights with 3 young kids, 9 months, 3, and 7 years, is looking for a new nanny to work alongside mom. They aren't fully sure what the fall will look like with school, though they are fully aware they need full-time care! The nanny will really tag team the day with mom and dad to make sure the three kids are taken care of and supported. Their ideal sitter is experienced, organized, flexible, easy going, and overall helpful and warm. It's $25/hour gross for 50 hours/week, plus applicable overtime! The position will begin sometime in August! Apply today!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

They are looking for someone with extensive childcare experience and who has nannied for 3 children before within these age groups. This person should be emotionally intelligent, intuitive with children, exercise excellent judgment, and exercises healthy boundaries. Your communication skills are superb, with both kids and adults, and they are dependable, responsible, punctual, and highly organized. Ability to relate to children on their level is so important as well. Someone who is kind and fun, warm, and loving to the kids, but can command authority and respect with the kids when needed. Someone who is super empathetic to understand them and how they operate. Experience working alongside parents as both will be working from home. Someone who can create boundaries with the parents and uphold them together for the kids to maintain healthy relationships and support. Someone who can keep the kids engaged and happy while the parents are working, but can also work alongside them to maintain a really loving environment.


The hours are Monday through Friday, 8 AM – 6 PM, with the flexibility to cover occasional evenings and weekends. This position will begin mid to the end of August.

About the Children

boy, 7- He is incredibly sensitive and gentle. He is the intellectual of the group as it were and has always been so curious abut the world. He has a scientific mind and loves learning about things like engineering and building. He is also quite funny and loves the Captain Underpants series. He has a reading tutor and they are reading the Greek Myths this summer. He could use a boost to get outdoors sometimes for fresh air. girl, 3.5- She is strong-willed and spirited! She is athletic and loves to be outside. She really needs more exercise to function everyday. She was getting into rock climbing before Covid and is such a fearless kid. She is also obsessed with animals, stuffed and alive! She is all about animals. She is also super interested in the baby and loves to be around him. boy, 9 months- His personality is starting to emerge and he is pretty good natured. He is on the shier side and is now crawling! He seems to find all things like legos and sockets that he shouldn't find. He goes with the flow as the youngest.


Partnering with mom and dad to help make things run smoothly every day. At the moment, everyone is home, but the boy goes to school in Manhattan and the girl goes to preschool in the neighborhood. In the past, dad takes the boy to school and mom takes the girl. Previously, Mom or the nanny would pick up the boy at 2:50 PM, and then the girl at 3:30 PM in Brooklyn, via subway. The nanny would take care of the baby during the day, with several naps throughout the day, feeding him and changing him, and playing at home and outdoors. They aren't too sure what the fall will look like and if the kids will be at school, though they can anticipate tag teaming with the kids and occasionally the nanny will have all three kids while mom finished up her work or house stuff. Helping with their homework, virtual learning, play, diapering and pottying, meals, and getting them into pjs around 5:30 PM and cleaned up for the evening. Helping to tidy up after meals and playtime. Helping with the kids' laundry and keeping things in the home in order and running smoothly.

Additional Information

They want to be cautious, but they are also socializing their kids with other kids. For the first two months, they were completely isolated in WY in the woods at the grandparents. They returned to the city in May and since then they have become less stringent about being outdoors and seeing family within means and being mindful. They do wear masks and the kids wear them inside public places if they find themselves there, though not outdoors. They haven't been doing much in the way of socializing overall, though they have seen some family who is also practicing distancing and practicing as they have been. The kids did a week-long summer camp in CT where the counselors were wearing masks. They are strict about hand washing and wearing a mask themselves, though they let the kids play at the playground and socialize with lots of hand washing and safe hygiene. They are probably between a 2-3 on the Covid Risk Tolerance chart.

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    $25/hour gross, plus overtime as applicable


    At least one year!

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    50 hours/week guaranteed

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