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PART TIME: Patient, active, warm nanny with special needs experience wanted for two boys, 6 and 4, on UWS.

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Are you looking for a part-time position with school-age boys? Do you have special needs experience? This family on the UWS is looking for a nanny for their two boys, 6 and 4. Both boys will be in school part time, and will need help focusing and engaging with any at-home studies or activities. The older boy has high functioning autism and ADHD, so experience with this is preferred, but not required. The ideal sitter is patient, caring, playful, and able to support and work alongside mom and dad as needed. Responsibilities include helping with structure, specifically around facilitating the older boy's learning, doing fun activities in free moments, some meal prep, and occasional household support. The boys will be in school two days/week one week and three the next week from 9-2 PM, but we don't know what two days. To match this, the core schedule will be 2-3 full days from 9 AM-5 or 6 PM, and 2-3 afternoons from 2 PM-5 or 6 PM. Please note your full weekly availability in your application! They are okay if the sitter has to take a short train ride to get to them. It's $25/hour gross, and the family is happy to guarantee 30 hours/week. They are hoping to have someone start at the end of August, with interviews beginning ASAP. Apply today!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

The ideal candidate is someone who can assist with a mix of childcare and facilitating the kids' remote learning. Someone who has experience with ADHD and high functioning autism is a plus. The sitter should be someone who knows how to approach this with children in this area and is patient, sensitive, and communicative. The family takes honesty and communication very seriously, so someone reliable, trustworthy, and ultimately super positive and understanding is a must! The sitter should feel comfortable being flexible within a boundary while maintaining a positive approach and really empowering the kids to be their best selves. Someone proactive and caring with their boys, who is patient, active, warm, gentle, and kind. Moving their attention to other things and activities often solves any issues that may arise, so someone who is knowledgable to the art of distraction is a plus!


The core schedule is 2-3 full days from 9 AM-5 PM or 6 PM, and 2-3 afternoons from 2 PM-5 PM or 6 PM. The exact days will all depend on how their school schedule works out. The family is happy to guarantee 30 hours/wee.

About the Children

boy, 6- sensitive, smart, and funny. Likes TV/Movies, cars, trains, reading, and stickers. No allergies, but picky! Sensory issues and likes to know what is coming next. He is very sweet and kind, but does suffer from a bit of anxiety. He has just started therapy. He has high functioning autism and ADHD. He needs a lot of motivation to finish his work and stay focused. He will be on medication this year, so they anticipate that this will help with his focus. All of his classes were recorded last year, but this year they will be live, so there will be more accountability for him from teachers. boy, 4- ACTIVE/High Energy! Likes running, jumping, climbing, Sesame Street (Elmo), and books. He tends to get emotional from time to time. He is in his "no" stage, so someone who can be firm is paramount! He is starting Pre-K at the same school as his brother. Both boys are really sweet and kind. They are going through a lot of transitions and adjusting as best they can. There may be an adjustment period.


The sitter will be in charge of primarily managing the older boy's learning and sometimes the younger boy's, while keeping them focused and engaged at the same time. The boys do best when having fun while keeping structure and consistency, so that will be key for the sitter. In the afternoons, taking them to the playground, doing fun activities, and keeping them physically active and happy. The sitter may be expected to help with their meals, tidy up after meals and playtime, and sometimes help with their laundry. This could also include working alongside mom or dad who may be working from home.

Additional Information

The family was in the Catskills for three months and then returned to the city. The boys went to camp this summer and really loved it. Dad's company makes PPE - he does go in, but they are very Covid conscious. They might set up a pod with other similar-minded families for socialization and playdates, but this is not yet determined.

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    At least one year

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    30 hours/week guaranteed

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