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FULL-TIME: Engaging, proactive organized, and experienced nanny for 4 kids!

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Are you looking for a really great new opportunity?! Are you interested in helping out a busy family with a mix of childcare and household management? A new-to-the-network family is looking for a really experienced, professional, mature, and kind caregiver to join their team as they say goodbye to their long-term nanny. They have four kids (3, 6, 9, and 11) who are all in different schools in the city and NJ, so there are a lot of moving parts at times. Their ideal nanny is organized, proactive, quick, and has a keen eye for detail. Someone comfortable working on a team and working alongside other caregivers/educators and the parents is paramount. It is also important that their person be comfortable living in in CT should they decided to relocate there. There is a separate room and bathroom and potentially the carriage house out back for the use of their nanny. They are also ok to have their person go home on weekends and off time. They anticipate spending at least part of the school year in CT should schools close. Travel in non-covid times is important as well as they typically take their person on vacation a few times/year. It's $40/hour gross, plus overtime, for 50 hours/week! The position will begin in mid-September, with interviews taking place immediately! This is NOT one to be missed!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone experienced with multiples and with a big home, mature, active, sporty, and really engaging to join their team. Someone comfortable working alongside mom and occasionally the housekeeper and/or an educator for the kids who will be at home for most of the year likely. Someone warm and playful who will really connect with the kids and get down on the floor with them. Someone who is a strong communicator and proactive to ask for check ins and feedback. Someone fully competent in the kitchen and willing to cook for the kids and help the housekeeper prep the kids' meals. Someone who is smart and a go getter. Someone organized and has a keen eye for details. Experience with household management is a huge plus.  Driver and comfortable swimming when in CT. Someone willing to go to Martha's Vineyard for a week or two at a time in the summer with the next week off at home. Someone comfortable traveling for one week over Christmas break (not the actual holiday) and one week during Spring Break with them when things go back to normal. 


The core schedule is Monday to Friday, from 7-5 PM. Flexibility to shift the hours later is a plus. This would be a live out position in NYC and live in when in Washington, CT (see additional information for more details).

About the Children

boy, 11- He is in school in NJ. He has ADHD and goes to a specialized school (they say they are going back at the moment). girl, 9- She is going into 4th grade in the city and they are virtual until October. boy, 6- He is in first grade in the city.  girl, 3- She is super chatty and a lovely kid. She was supposed to start nursery school, though it will be remote or on pause. They are all sporty and busy. They are super social kids. 


Typically, the nanny will help mom get the kids ready for the day and out for school or set up with virtual learning. During the day, the nanny will be working alongside mom and the new private educator to make sure everyone is on track with school. The nanny will potentially be taking the youngest to her classes or playdates with nearby friends depending on how things are going with covid. The primary focus is with the younger kids throughout the day and afternoon typically. In terms of household management, they will be helping grocery shopping and errands for the home. Cooking the kids lunches and dinners each day, and tidying up after meals and playtime. The nanny will help to keep things tidy in the kitchen and kids' room, assisting with their laundry, and making sure all the supplies needed are on hand or ordered. They are a true right hand to mom, making sure the home is running smoothly and the kids are on task or track for school and projects alongside the educator.

Additional Information

They spent the summer in Martha's Vineyard and are likely to spend time between NYC and Washington, CT this year depending on the kids school. The kids are socializing with other kids in a pod with 5 families at the moment. None sees a lot of other people, but the kids play together. They've focused on outdoor playdates, but they are likely to pod with a few other families to have indoor playdates in winter in CT. Dad works at his office and has to go in. He gets tested once/month and they've not had it. We trust our people to make smart choices and be mindful. They rented a house in Washington, CT, for Sept to May to get away from the city. They will move there when things all go virtual. In NYC, it would be strictly live out. In CT, they have a private room and bathroom in the house to live in or live in the carriage house out back that might be available. They are comfortable with their person going home on weekends if they can get there without public transportation.

  • Rate

    $40/hour gross, plus overtime and transportation reimbursement


    at least one year

    Total Hours per Week

    50 hours/week guaranteed

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