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PART TIME: Engaging, smart, and mindful educator/tutor for small pod of 4 kids, 6 and 4.

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Are you and educator, tutor, and fun person? Are you kind, warm, and can make learning fun for the kids? Two lovely new SmartFams in Prospect Lefferts Gardens and Boerum HIll are looking for someone to assist their kids with remote learning starting as soon as possible and throughout the school year. There will be two Kindergartners and two 4-year-olds. The SmartSitter will be assisting with the curricula provided my school and generally have a fun time with them during this very unusual time. They are looking for someone who is smart and quick, tech savvy, and super careful and mindful when it comes to Covid as one mom is immunocompromised (see below for more info). Someone fun, friendly, and mindful is super important to them. It's $35-50/hour gross DOE. The hours will be 40 hours/week guaranteed when the kids are not in in person school and 20 hours/week guaranteed when they are physically in school. This position will begin ASAP! Apply now!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone who can multitask and get them through their school work and assignments. Making the learning interactive and fun for the kids. Someone energetic and engaging who wants to teach and help kids learn. Someone able to guide them through their school classes that are going to be remote by following along with their lessons, teach them to read, and be creative and engaging with them throughout the days together. Someone adaptable and comfortable switching back and forth houses with places to have lessons and learning. Both families have yards and spaces separate from the parents to focus on learning and fun.  Someone college educated with a camp counselor mentality. A background in education or teaching is a plus as is a background in literacy! Someone really careful and really active to keep up with the kids and keep them safe. Someone who loves to plan activities, take initiative, and is fun. Their ideal sitter will also be *very* COVID careful and have a small circle, ideally not live in a high density living environment to minimize exposure. Someone who wants to match with a family taking significant precautions. Someone who can get to work without using public transit or would be willing to drive their car to and from work during the week to avoid transit.


*If they are in school* The core schedule is 8:30-3 PM, for 5 days/week. Plus, about 5 hours/week of planning and prep, or conferences with parents. It would be a guaranteed 40 hours/week. If they are not in school, the schedule will be afternoons, Monday to Friday, from 2/3-6/7 PM. They are happy to guarantee 20 hours/week in these cases.

About the Children

boy, 6 and girl, 4- They are sweet kids and really creative. The girl is learning to read and the boy is improving all the time! girl, 6 and boy, 4- They have known the other kids for years and the girl goes to school with the older boy. She is learning to read and is largely at the same level and the older boy. They are sweet and kind kids as well!


Arriving at one of the family's homes to get the kids started on their school work and lessons for the day. Prepping and planning beforehand to teach the materials to the kids. There are two Kindergartners and two 4-year-olds, so beginner's math, literacy, and fun and interactive activities will be the focus! This position is really all about spending time with the kids and helping them play and learn mindfully. Helping with meals and snacks when appropriate. Keeping the things they use tidy, putting away toys, kids dishes, etc, but no general household responsibilities that don’t directly connect to the children. When it's after school, the SmartSitter will pick the kids up from school, assist with their school work, and generally have fun with them!

Additional Information

On mom is immunocompromised and that is why they are planning for the kids to start school in person and the be home and learning remotely for the winter. Up until then, they will be at two different schools full time. Parents will both work from home, but they have a lot of space for the kids to do art and play outside and be creative (full basement, backyard, etc). They have been very isolated. They go to the park, but keep masks on and stay 6 feet away. They will go to the playground very early when no one is around, wipe down the swing sets, etc. They check their temperature and oxygen levels daily. They will not expect anyone to come to work when sick or having any symptoms (better safe than sorry!). Both families are largely on the same page when it comes to Covid. The moms have worked together for years and are quite close.

  • Rate

    $35-50/hour gross DOE in teaching or education


    through the 2020-2021 school year

    Total Hours per Week

    20-40 hours/week guaranteed

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