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PART TIME: Caring, kind, and compassionate sitter for two loving kids, 9 and 12.

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Are you local to the UES? Do you drive and are comfortable driving short distances with kids for pick ups? A returning SmartFam is looking for a new after school sitter who can drive in the city to get their kids home from school in the afternoons. They are a lovely family and have had several long-term SmartSitters over the years. At the moment, they are hoping to find someone who is equally as silly, kind and loving as their former SmartSitters who can also drive the kids home from school. The kids get a long quite well and they family is really hoping their new person can keep up their active learning and play during this very strange time. The family is looking for someone who can have a good time with them and keep things fun, light, and as organized as possible. Someone who can be a new big-sibling type who is responsible, proactive, kind, fun, engaging, and communicative to join their team. The SmartSitter would work in tandem with mom who occasionally works from home. They are looking for someone who knows the delicacies that come with working with siblings who are close in age, however are experiencing different milestones in life. Someone with an early childhood/education background or experience with ADD is a huge plus! It's $25/hour gross for 25 hours/week guaranteed. They are looking for someone to begin as soon as possible.

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone who is bubbly, silly, and fun, but also can keep them on task and make sure the day is running smoothly and according to schedule. Someone who has a good head on their shoulders and who aligns with them on their cover practice as this is so important and new these days. Someone who can be organized and patient. Someone who can understand the structure they have in place and reorganize as needed and when appropriate. Someone who can pick their battles with the kids and know what is appropriate based on the parents' guidelines. A driver is a must (no personal car is required)!


The core schedule is Monday to Friday, from 2:30-7 PM. The family is happy to guarantee 25 hours/week to their new SmartSitter

About the Children

girl, 12 She is in middle school and will have a ton of real homework still. She wants to have an opinion of the people and see this person as a confidence and friend. She has ADD so It's hard for her to focus at times, so someone with patience and understanding will really connect with her and be a true asset to her development and learning. She is on medication for her ADD and is underweight as a result so they encourage her to really eat when she is hungry and see the bigger picture of every situation. boy, 9- He has always been quite the expressive kid and is super active. He is sweet, sensitive, whippet smart, and has more energy than an atom splitting. He does not appreciate being babied or smothered, especially as he gets to be a preteen. Want someone who's going to make you laugh until your stomach hurts? He's your guy. He is sporty and loves anything that is sports-related. He is starting a new school next year and may be a bit timid at first, but he typically warms up after a bit.


Picking up the kids from school via the family's car or their own if they have one. Eventually taking them to activities, organizing playdates, or bringing them to the park or home for fun activities if the weather and Covid practices allows. Helping with homework as they are getting more and more as they get older, especially the older girl, is paramount. Going out with the kids who walk the dog and are super responsible with the dog. At home, they will help with meal prep and the kids' laundry. They might often come earlier than pick up (especially if it's later in the day) to assist with more or these household management tasks. When with the kids, they will play, read, and have fun adventures to the museum, zoo, biking, etc. They will help with weekly meal plans, dinner prep, bath, and bedtime. The SmartSitter will help with kids laundry each week and clean-up while including the kids in their clean-up and helping around the house. They often make up games related to these tasks like Baseball throwing the laundry pods into the machine. They are allowed 30 minutes of TV during dinner, however they also try and talk about their days during this time as well.

Additional Information

Both parents are going into the office and occasionally working from home. They do not take public transit and are hoping for their person to avoid this as well. The kids are also in school 5 days/week with safety protocols in place. They all wear masks and social distance. They have a small bubble, though they are being cautious and mindful when it comes to Covid.

  • Rate

    $25/hour gross


    through the 2020-2021 school year

    Total Hours per Week

    25 hour/week guaranteed

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