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FULL TIME: Playful and warm nanny needed for 14-month-old girl in Williamsburg.

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Are you looking for a full time job in Williamsburg? Do you love engaging with toddlers? This could be the position for you! We have a veteran SmartFamily looking for a sweet, playful, and engaging nanny to care for their 14-month-old daughter. Responsibilities would include getting her up and ready for the day, playing or reading to her, taking her to the park, nap time, meal prep, and some light housework as needed. The little girl is very silly and loves to run around, so someone willing to get on her level, play, and engage with her is key! They also have four stories, so an active sitter who is comfortable carrying a toddler up and down stairs is a must. Both parents are working from home with no intention of returning to the office anytime soon. They are also being very careful, avoiding the subway and only going out to the park and minimal outdoor restaurants, so a sitter who is taking similar precautions and would not need to take public transit to reach them is preferred. Rate is $25-30/hour gross, with 50 hours/week guaranteed and including overtime. They are looking for a commitment of at least a year, but hope to find a candidate that can make a multi-year commitment and really become part of the family! Does this sound like the position for you? Apply today!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

The family is looking for someone who really wants to be with the girl and is really invested in their time together, engaging with her in developmental milestones. Someone upbeat and happy who can bring a brightness to their days with the girl, and who can be silly with her. The caregiver should be someone who isn't on their phone and wants to engage the girl directly and meaningfully, who will truly enjoy their time with her. The ideal sitter can be mindful of her dairy allergy and keeps a keen eye on what she is eating, focusing on delicious and healthy foods when preparing her meals while helping the girl to develop her palette. Someone comfortable carrying a toddler up and down stairs (they have four floors!), so an active and mindful caregiver is best.


The core schedule is Monday to Friday, 8 or 9 AM to 6 or 7 PM. 50 hours/week guaranteed

About the Children

girl, 14 months- She is a silly kid and loves to have fun, is active and loves to get around. She loves to read and can't get enough of it! She is a very happy and easy kid, but also super curious. She is about to walk as well! She is allergic to dairy, but she is an easy eater, loves all vegetables and eats quite healthily.


The caregiver will have full charge of the girl throughout the day. This starts with arriving in the morning and helping with the girl's morning routine, making her breakfast and tidying up after, getting her dressed for the day, and then they play and read, so to the park, etc. before lunchtime. The family has been going to McCarren Park a lot recently and playing. The girl has a snack during that time and they usually come back at 12:30 PM. She has lunch and then takes her one nap at 1 PM (she sleeps for 1.5-2 hours). Once she's up, the sitter can go out with her again or play inside (the family tries to spend as much time outside as possible throughout the day). The nanny prepares dinner and preps meals 1-2 times/week, so someone with experience meal prepping and cooking is a must. Mom and dad typically give her dinner depending on the end time and then they take care of bath and bedtime. The girl takes a music class outside once/week at the park (they aren't sure if it will continue into the colder weather). She is also meant to restart a swim class, though they are unsure about this as well. The family would also appreciate help tidying to keep the space clean and in order, helping with the girl's laundry, etc. as needed.

Additional Information

Both parents work from home and their offices are likely not to go back any time soon. They have a car, so they drive or cycle into the city if they have to go in. They don't use public transportation. They went to Germany once during the pandemic, but were very communicative with the sitter they had at the time. They were communicative and transparent about their trip to see family then as well. They don't have plans to travel at the moment. They go to the park and do outdoor dining only. They don't have a pod family. They are looking for a sitter who is taking similar precautions, and who can avoid public transportation if possible. They can pay for parking in the neighborhood if the candidate has a car and would be driving to and from their home.

  • Rate

    $25-30/hour gross, plus overtime and the potential for a parking reimbursement.


    At least one year

    Total Hours per Week

    50 hours/week guaranteed

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