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PART-TIME: Experienced and thoughtful nanny for two kids, 2 months and 4.

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Do you love working with babies and toddlers? Are you looking for a new heavy part-time role in Brooklyn? A lovely family in Prospect Heights is looking for a new caregiver for their baby bot and toddler girl as mom is soon returning to work! Their ideal person has experience with both ages, though the role is likely to largely be with the boy. Someone who is patient, communicative, and able to add some structure to their lives during this usual time! Someone creative, energetic, and active who has a driver's license and can travel to Martha's Vineyard on occasion is a huge plus! It's $25/hour gross for 30-35 hours/week guaranteed. They are looking for someone to begin at the end of the year in November or December before mom is back at work! Apply today :)

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone who has FT experience and wants to grow with their family. Caring for the baby primarily, and is knowledgable with this age group. Someone who can support a nap schedule, transition to solids, change diapers, etc. Someone who is really go with the flow and can work alongside another parent. Mom is pretty type A in her work, but there is less organization at home and they are more laid back. They need someone who can be proactive and can make their own plans with the baby and the girl if she is around. Someone organized and active to keep up with both. Someone outgoing and playful who can meet the kids on their individual levels and wants to chat all day with the girl. They prefer to talk to her like an adult and converse with her in a mature way. Someone who can help her explore her emotions when they come up and talk through how she is feeling when those big emotions come up. Someone kind and warm. A really creative type would be great for the kids! Coming up with fun and exciting activities to do everyday and keeps her on her toes. Playing music and doing arts and crafts. Someone who isn't watching the clock and can be somewhat flexible. Someone who could be ok to travel to Martha's Vineyard if they go up for a few weeks. They are ok with people who would want to come back on weekends if they have their own car and use their free time to themselves. If the person didn't have their own car, they would be happy to drive someone back after a few weeks for time off. In those times, they would be happy to offer more hours for their person! Someone willing to get tested before they start and throughout if necessary.Prefer someone with their own vehicle or who can drive to her school in Brooklyn Heights. College educated is preferred.


Monday to Friday, 9 or 10 to 4 or 5 PM. With flexibility to help with up to 40 hours/week in some weeks and even shift the schedule depending on how things are working in the new year. They can guarantee 30-35 hours/week.

About the Children

boy, newborn- He is an adorable almost 2-month-old baby who will be about 3-4 months when the new person starts! girl, 4 years- She is in school all day throughout the week in Brooklyn Heights. She does swimming lessons, plays piano and tennis. She is super high energy and absolutely loves to run around. She has big emotions and is very outgoing. She is very smart, but she can be challenging. She can be sassy and doesn't allow anyone to brush her off. She already reads! She is artsy and a pretty happy kid. 


Caring for the boy while mom and da are working. Mom will be newly going back to work at the beginning of the year, so this will be a time for transition. During the say, they will have the baby and change him, play with him and take him our for walks, feed him, and put him down for naps. Really engaging with him mindfully while you are together is so important! While he is sleeping, they will help to keep things tidy, help with his and the older girl's laundry, and prep meals or wash bottles. After the girl gets out of school, the caregiver may help pick her up and be responsible for both kids and playing then as well. If she is out of school, you will definitely have both for the day!

Additional Information

Covid: Dad is working from home and mom is on maternity leave until January. They'd been in Martha's Vineyard for 6 months before returning recently to the city for the school. The girl is in school full-time and they drive her so they can avoid public transportation. As a family, they always wear masks outdoors and wash their hands a lot, even the daughter. They go to the playground, but only play with other kids wearing masks. They have a cleaning lady who comes a few times/week and have known her for 12 years so they trust her and she is super communicative with them. Other people who have to come in for work on the apt wear a mask. They have been to outdoor restaurants, but not eating indoors. They have done some socially distant outdoor visits. They have a small pod of friends they see. At the girl's school, no one is allowed inside and you have to wear a mask to drop off and pick up. They are all wearing masks in the classroom for most of the day and washing their hands a lot. The teachers wear masks all day. It's a small private school and they are keeping the kids distant as much as they can well.

  • Rate

    $25/hour gross


    through the 2020-2021 school year

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    30-35 hours/week guaranteed

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