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PART TIME NANNY: Energetic, enthusiastic, and entertaining nanny for adorable girl, 5, in Clinton Hill.

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This is a super lovely and wonderful veteran Clinton Hill family with a very sweet and smart 5-year-old girl. The family is looking to meet new nannies asap and hire someone to start the beginning of November. they have been in our network for a long time and they are only parting ways with their long-time SmartSitter because she is moving. It is mutually a sad day, though they are so grateful for all she has done for them and the bond she has with their daughter. Their ideal candidate is enthusiastic, engaging, and fun! An interest in music or theater is plus! Spanish speaking is another plus! The schedule is Monday through Friday, 3 PM - 7 PM, plus one evening or help on a weekend if possible. It;s $25-28/hour gross for 23 hours/week guaranteed, plus a monthly metrocard if applicable! Apply today as it will begin in the weeks to come!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

The family is looking someone energetic, enthusiastic, proactive, organized, bilingual in Spanish (a plus but not a requirement), someone musical, someone who plays an instrument or sings, and someone who can engage the little girl on her level. The little girl is timid and it's helpful if you're able to encourage her to do new and different things and help give her confidence. And finally from one of their former SmartSitters: "The best feedback I can give, is that they need someone who is down to earth, relatable, and authentic. Someone who is able to not only be friends with the girl (who can be a bit sensitive at times, though is super flexible, way more flexible than the average 5-year-old) and someone who can establish that they are essentially an extension of mom and dad. The new sitter should have the ability to walk in, see the things that need to be done and get them done, without being asked to do it. Mom and dad really never ask me to do much beyond the job description, thought I know that they always appreciate if you’re able to execute certain tasks that make their lives easier. Nothing too complicated, but something like, if you know that they are running low on something in the house that the girl needs, write it down on the whiteboard in the kitchen or send a message into a group chat. Sometimes things can get overlooked because they’re both super busy, but they’re really on top of things. (When the city is up and running more typically) This person should be transportation savvy, as we did a lot of commuting during the week and they should be comfortable with scheduling playdates for the girl on her days off from an activity (which vary during each semester). The only other thing that I would note, is that it’s incredibly important that the new sitter stay up to date on girl's calendar of events/school calendar and be as flexible as possible without stretching themselves too thin (as mom and dad would not want that at all). Sometimes days off can be forgotten about and questions on availability may not be discussed until a day or two beforehand. If the new sitter can not cover a full day or if there is any conflict that would affect the sitters ability to provide coverage during days off (school vacations, PTC days where they have a full day off on Fridays, etc.) it would be best to let them know as far in advanced as possible and not wait until they bring it up; COMMUNICATION and staying on top of things is key. As I said before, they are both super busy and sometimes, depending on the month, the sitter will be interacting primarily with one parent over the other. It’s best that they’re as comfortable with coming to both parents with any concerns as quickly as they can so that something can be figured out. There is always a backup plan that they can execute if the sitter gives them enough time and they are very communicative. I’m sure I’m missing some things, but I’m sure I will pass along a guide for the new sitter in terms of all the ins and outs of the position. The new sitter should be ready to enter a tribe of people, beyond mom and dad, who are always more than happy to help out and are all truly incredible. They are a wonderful family!"


Monday through Thursday, 2:45 PM - 7 PM, and Friday, 12-6 or 7 PM. If you are flexible for full days on holidays, this is a big plus. The family can guarantee 23 hours/week.

About the Children

girl, age 5 - She is such a sweet and kind natured kid. She's does gymnastics. She has a lot of friends at school, though she's a bit timid with new people. Once she knows you, she is high energy and funny and fun. She's a really easy kid. She's a great sleeper. She experiences some sound sensitivity - she can hear a leaf blower from a mile away. She love her scooter and tends to really bond with her caregivers.


School pick up (in Downtown Brooklyn, which is a 30 minute walk or bus/subway from home, or a quick Uber), take her to activities when it's safe again or other afternoon classes she may have, go to play group, take her to the playground, help with laundry for her (W/D in the apartment). Oversee dinner around 6 PM (mom will prepare food for her for the week in advance). Sing and dance and read and play at home! Really having fun with her, helping her with her reading nowadays, and keeping her safe and cared for during these strange times. Helping to keep track of the girl's supplies and what they might need to order or pick up for her.

Additional Information

The girl is in school with Covid precautions at the moment. She is really enjoying it and being back with her friends. Mom and dad are both super busy with work so they are relying on their person to keep her safe when outdoors and following social distancing from strangers as much as possible. They've been back in the city since mid-Summer time and trying to maintain a safe and secure "bubble". They fall at about a 2 on the Covid Risk Tolerance Chart. Their ideal person could walk or cycle to them in nice weather. Ideally, their SmartSitter would wear a mask when with the girl out of an abundance of caution and avoid high risk sitautions in their personal life like indoor dining, visiting people indoors, etc.

  • Rate

    $25-28/hour gross + monthly metrocard


    through the 2019-2020 school year, and ideally longer

    Total Hours per Week

    20-23 hours/week guaranteed

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