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FULL-TIME NANNY on UES with three energetic, sweet, and sharp kids, 9, 8, and 5.

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Are you super Covid-conscious? Do you live near the UES or drive? Are you reliable, energetic, proactive, and super helpful? Most importantly, are you a blast to be around?! A super lovely and kind UES family is looking for a new nanny to assist with their three kids during the week while mom and dad are working. They have three kids - two boys, 8 and 9, and a 5-year-old girl. The kids are all super smart and love school. They are doing quite well throughout the pandemic and they would like to find a new nanny who can help keep them happy, safe, and healthy, while keeping the house running smoothly! Mom is a doctor who works with breast caner patients and they still see their older grandparents, so they are being super Covid conscious. Their ideal candidates lives nearby and can walk to work, or drives. Additionally, they are looking for someone who is keeping their circle super small as it affects not only their family, but also mom's patients. This is a super wonderful family to work with and not one to be missed! It's $25-30/hour gross for 35-40 hours/week guaranteed. The positon has a SUPER flexible start date between asap and the first of the new year! Apply today and don't miss out on this one.

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone super reliable and committed to helping them and being a really integral part of their family. Someone bright and happy who can bring this disposition to the role every day. Someone super organized and proactive who can see when something needs to be done and tackles it head on. Someone comfortable cooking for the family, though nothing gourmet or complicated. They are also happy to share fan favorites and are open to new ideas! For the kids, someone super engaging, loving, warm, and really interested in creating a bond is best for them. These kids love hard and they love for life! They are really looking for someone who wants to join their family during this strange time and really bond with them. Additionally, someone who aligns with their quite strict Covid practice is important! They are looking for someone who can avoid public transportation at all times and is keeping their personal circle very small.


The core schedule is either: -Monday to Friday, from 9-5/6 PM OR -Three full days/week from 9-5/6 PM, and two days/week, from 12-5/6 PM. The family is happy to guaranteed 35-40 hours/week to their new nanny. Please note your preferred schedule!

About the Children

Boy, 9: He is very cerebral, he is a reader and likes to invent things! Can play on his own and do things on his own. He's been in school, but they might go remote this winter. Boy, 8: He’s a talker! He likes acting. Classic middle child and at the same school as his brother. The boys can fight sometimes so they need a sitter who has experience navigating that dynamic. They have been doing great with Zoom school. Girl, 5: She loves her older brothers and they adore her! She’s adorable, relatable, and sassy. She's a no nonsense kind of gal and they love her for it! She loves to play with older kids as she’s around her brothers a lot. She is super enthusiastic about doing new things and is quite academic.


Helping with the kids remote learning when they are home and helping with the afternoon routine when they are in school. All the kids are pretty academic and do well with their remote learning, so it is primarily making sure they are set up and prepared for school versus guiding them through the work. Having fun with them when there is down time, getting them outside, and keeping them happy and healthy.   Almost just as importantly, the family needs someone who can help keep their home running smoothly as mom and dad both have demanding jobs. Helping with the cooking and meal planning for the family is a big part of this. Organizing the home and helping with the kids' laundry throughout the week when the cleaner isn't coming is huge. The new nanny is really their third set of hands and the person they rely on to make sure their world is turning!

Additional Information

Mom works with breast cancer patients and mom has to be super careful in terms of exposure. Mom does see patients live, so keeping their home super safe is important as she has a responsibility to her patients as well. Their circle is very small; they see the grandparents (who are also at higher risk!), they have their current nanny who has been living with them this whole time and is leaving, and the kids go to school which does temp checks and health screenings daily. They are not seeing any people socially and take all the recommended CDC precautions. Someone who drives or lives in the neighborhood is most ideal as they are avoiding all public transportation.

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    $25-30/hour gross


    for at least one year upfront

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    35-40 hours/week guaranteed

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