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SHORT TERM FULL TIME LIVE IN NANNY: Energetic and engaging nanny for 2-year-old girl and 7-month-old boy in Boston Suburb.

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Do you have experience with toddlers but also love interacting with infants? Looking for a change of scenery for the next 6-8 months? This could be the job for you! A veteran SmartFamily in a suburb of Boston is looking for a live-in, experienced, kind, and active nanny for their 2-year-old daughter and 7-month-old son. Responsibilities will include following the family's daily schedule, and mostly toggling between the kids based on nap times and activities. The family has built a "preschool" in the living room and the girl loves going to school during the week from 8-11:30 AM each day. The nanny will help facilitate these "lessons" and guide the girl through her milestones and development. After that it's nap time for her, and the nanny will switch to care for the baby boy until his afternoon nap at 2:30 PM. The sitter will mostly only be with child or the other until 4 PM, when responsibility shifts to both. The family has a live-in housekeeper and Mom handles all meal prep and cooking, so other than helping with meal time and feeding, the only responsibilities will be directly kiddo-related. Someone who's great with toddlers and also loves babies is the ideal candidate for this role. Their girl is very strong-willed and independent, so a nanny who can hold boundaries and create structure for her is perfect! Someone who can balance switching focus from one kid to the other and really be present with the child their with is crucial, since the day does have so much back and forth. The family is also looking for someone flexible, easygoing, who is a team player and genuinely enjoys working with and spending time with kids during the day. Someone who drives is also a big plus! The family is being very strict with COVID, as Dad is immunocompromised. They are staying indoors, avoiding all public spaces, and are looking for a sitter who is open to doing the same at least for the next 6 months. This is a live-in position, where the sitter would have their own private room and share a bathroom with the live-in housekeeper. They live near a number of running paths and do have a backyard for time outside or space to exercise. More information about their COVID practices and precautions can be found in the Additional Information section below. The rate for this position is $25-35/hour gross, for a guaranteed 40 hours/week with overtime. They are hoping to interview ASAP - if you're looking for an escape from the city for the winter, this is the job for you. Apply today!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

The ideal sitter for this family is someone optimistic, playful, and warm, who also understands the balance of handling a strong-willed toddler. The girl can toe boundaries and responds well to strength and direction, so a nanny who if firm yet kind, who is able to help come up with structure is best. The family is looking for someone who is energetic, and truly finds fun and joy in playing with kids! Both kiddos are very perceptive, so someone optimistic, with good energy and a sunny disposition. Someone who is able to leave their personal things at the door and shift focus to being present throughout the day. The girl is a fast learner and developing fast, so someone drawn to development process, who loves to encourage and respond to her curiosity and excitement to grow, and can recognize when she is hungry for more knowledge is a huge plus! A nanny who drives is also ideal, but not a necessity. Since the nanny will be guiding the girl through her morning "school day", Montessori teaching experience, while a total bonus, is not required. All that's required is someone who would be interested in and excited about playing this "preschool teacher" role for a few hours, and would be willing to learn about and follow Montessori guidelines in doing so. The family's current nanny will be writing down some guidelines and curriculum ideas that can be followed to help!


The core schedule is Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 6 or 7 PM, with some breaks in the day based on the kids. Some flexibility for nanny to very occasionally help in the evenings with overtime.

About the Children

girl, 2 - she is super tall and a big girl compared to other 2-year-olds. She is self directed, confident, and knows what she wants, with a strong sense of herself. She is super quirky and has her own unique personality. She is a quick study and fast learner, and is thriving and really loves the structure of school they have set up. She also loves reading and imaginative play! She is strong willed and, while not difficult, she respects and responds to someone who is a boundary maker and can be lovingly firm. She needs boundaries and guidelines. boy, 7 months - He is a smile on a stick and the cutest and cuddliest kid! He is easy and happy. Currently on a two nap schedule (9:30 AM and 2/2:30 PM, for 1-1.5 hours each). He is a great sleeper in the day and is good at self soothing, however at night he wants to be with mom exclusively, so the family may night wean him. He is super mobile and needs a keen eye on him. He will probably be starting to walk when the new nanny starts!


The nanny will be toggling between the two kids throughout the day, really only with one at a time until 4-5:30 PM when they are together. Mornings will be spent serving as a Montessori teacher for just the girl. The family has built a "preschool" for her in the house, so she can "go to school" from 8-11:30 AM each day, and she LOVES it. The nanny they have now helped set up this system, and will be leaving behind some lesson plans and schedules that worked well in the past. After "school", the girl goes down for a nap around 11:30 or 12 and the nanny switches to the boy until 2:30 when it's time for his nap. The later afternoon/evening is with both kiddos, helping with the dinner process and prep for bedtime. Flexibility is crucial in this role, since everyone is home, so the parents may swing in from time to time to take over with the kids. They have a housekeeper who handles most of the household management tasks, and mom handles food, so while they may want help with feeding the kids, they will cover all planning and prep. The only thing they may want support with is dishes on days when the housekeeper is off.

Additional Information

The family is in Weston, MA, about 20 minutes outside of Boston. Dad is immunocompromised, so the family is very strict with their COVID precautions. They are working from home, and time outside in public spaces is infrequent and limited. They do have a backyard, as well as running trails and parks nearby, if some time outside for exercise or fresh air is needed. They are looking for a sitter who is equally strict in their practices. This is a live-in position, and the nanny would have their own room with a TV and furnishings, and would share a bathroom with the live-in housekeeper. They are not comfortable with someone leaving the house for long weekends to see partners or friends/family, and would prefer that public activity be limited. Someone who loves to snuggle up at home on the weekends or in their off time would be ideal. There is room in the garage if the nanny has a car they would like to bring, and they are welcome to use family car if needed.

  • Rate

    $25-35/hour gross


    6-8 months to start, with potential to go longer

    Total Hours per Week

    40 hours/week guaranteed with overtime if applicable

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