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FULL-TIME NANNY: Communicative, proactive, experienced, and kind nanny for 6-month-old girl in UWS.

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Are you looking for a new full-time nanny position with an adorable infant in the New Year? Do you live near the UWS or have a car to get yourself to and from the role?! A really kind and thoughtful family who is new to the network is looking to hire their first ever nanny. They are looking for someone to be a true partner with them and really focus on the baby's development as she grows. They are super thoughtful about the role and their ideal person. They are hoping to have someone who is super communicative and really engaging who is easy to work alongside during this unusual time. Someone who is ideally close by the UWS (Lincoln Center area) or has a car is most ideal! It's $25-30/hour gross for 40 hours/week guaranteed. The role will begin in January with some flexibility. Interviews will be via FaceTime starting immediately! Apply today!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

A true parenting partner for this family and who connects with them is super important. Someone who has a good view on how to care for the baby and contribute to her development as she grows. A multi-year newborn and infant experienced nanny who can bring their expertise while really partnering with the parents to make the best decision. A strong communicator who can bring structure to the baby's day and help mom and dad make transitions and milestones that much easier and on time, i.e. nap transitions from 5-6 per day to 2-3 per day. Someone who really wants to partner with the parents on the girl's care. Someone open to teaming with the parents to find out what will work best for the baby. Someone who has a network of other nannies nearby who also care for babies this age to get her more interaction with littles or is interested in building a network when it's safe. Even someone who is outgoing and wants to make other nanny friends. Spanish speaking is a plus, though not required as the family is bilingual. Ideally their nanny is within walking distance , a short car ride, or has their own car.


The core schedule is Monday to Friday, from 9-4 or 5 PM. Flexibility to assist occasionally outside the regular hours by staying later or helping on the weekend is a big plus. Starting in January with some flexibility.

About the Children

girl who will be 6 months in the New Year- She is currently sleeping quite well and they will get her on a proper sleep schedule. They do 10-15 minutes of tummy time and listen to music or read a book between naps.  is a great and very happy baby. She usually wakes up with a big smile on her face when we walk into the room. She doesn't cry much--just yells at us every once in a while to let us know she's hungry. She seems to like music and singing, and a few books with great visuals.


Keeping the baby engaged and going outside a few times/week, safely planning playdates with other kids. Planning and prepping food. Her laundry and general clean up like washing the pumping equipment and vacuuming, especially while she is napping. Logging activities and keeping track of her development in an app they use. Flag groceries and supplies that are needed for the girl and household, and buy as needed. Her schedule is as follows, though in flux as she gets older: She goes to bed around 7/8 PM. They do a dream feed around 11 PM, and she wakes up about 7-9 AM for the day. She is on a 4 nap schedule, though this will get down to 3 in the months to come. During her wake times (about an 1.5 hours now), they feed her and try to do some tummy time and play as they can fit it in. When she is down to less naps, going outside for walks, doing more activities and tummy time. They do go out around 5 PM for a walk and some outside time.

Additional Information

Mom and dad will be back at work at some point in the New Year, though working from home in the meantime. Since March, they leave home mostly to get fresh air or exercise. They have groceries delivered still and avoid stores or restaurants. They are trying to have some more of a social life, though outdoors. Dad will start going to the office two weeks of the month and will be taking an uber to work. The office is taking precautions. They are returning from out of state in the New Year and will be quarantining and testing ahead of meeting anyone in person. Additional benefits: They will cover cost of meals/snacks while at our home They will cover cost of transportation during inclement weather, any late nights. They want to avoid use of public transportation during covid, so will cover daily taxi/lyft rides within short distances. After you all have started working together, they plan to contribute to a portion of health insurance costs and offer PTO/Sick days.

  • Rate

    $25-30/hour gross


    for at least one year upfront

    Total Hours per Week

    40 hours/week guaranteed

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