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SHORT-TERM PART-TIME BABYSITTER: Fun, energetic, and adventurous after school companion for a 15-year-old boy on the UES.

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Are you adventurous and fun?! Are you a great companion to teenagers and open to helping them keep organized with school and also having fun!? A lovely UES family is looking for someone new to join their team while their youngest son, 15, is learning remotely during the winter. He is typically in boarding school in CT, and will return at the end of March. He is an active kid who is quite motivated by his school work and strives for success! He has ADHD and some issues with concentration, so someone who can assist him with this and guide him in being more organized and focused will be best. They love active and fun caregivers who are really interested in spending time with him and being with him. While the role will primarily be in the UES, if their new babysitter was open to spending time in the North Shore on LI, they'd welcome it, though this is NOT required. It's $18/hour gross, with room to grow to $20/hour after the trial period. This role will start as soon as they find the right fit!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

They are looking for a companion and master of fun to work with their son after school. Their ideal babysitter is self-motivated, creative, patient, and has a good sense of humor. Someone with a positive attitude and wants to have fun with him. Someone patient and kind who understands him and wants to spend time with him.  The greatest nannies and babysitters that they have had were people who were very outgoing, fun, adventurous, and wants to share their interests with him. Their other nanny was super organized and tidy, she'd been the oldest of five and a true momma bear, and a real champion of his learning. If you posses any or all of these qualities, apply! :) A short train ride is ok, or they are willing to reimburse for an Uber if close by!


The core schedule is Monday to Friday, from 3:30-7:30 PM.

About the Children

boy, 15- He is in school until 3:30 PM daily and remotely at home during this time. he typically goes to boarding school and will return after Spring Break. He is super motivated by his homework, but having someone who can check it would be great. He loves WWE and video games. He respects people who are very straightforward with him, but warm and kind.  He has ADHD and struggles with focusing at times.


The babysitter would be aiding him with general organization, scheduling, homework completion. workouts (keeping active), and keeping him off screens. The ultimate role of this person is to be his companion while he is away from his friends at school. Someone who can keep him on track, but also listen to him, guide him in life, and just have fun!

Additional Information

Regarding Covid, Mom is partner at a global headhunter and they are currently working from home. The boy's 20-year-old brother is living at home during Covid, though in February, he is leaving for CO. Otherwise has a very tight bubble and is very conscious of who he sees and how. They try to avoid public transportation as much as they can. If mom is in the office, it's super Covid conscious. Their current full-time nanny lives in with them, but goes home to the Bronx in the weekends. They see some close family (siblings, their kids, and cousins) that they see on occasion. They have a housekeeper come in once a week in both homes. They wear masks when there and keep as distance as possible. 

  • Rate

    $18/hour gross to start with room to grow!


    ASAP through March 2021

    Total Hours per Week

    20 hours/week guaranteed

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