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FULL-TIME NANNY: Creative, friendly, and engaging nanny for two kids, 3 months and 4.

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Do you live in Brooklyn? Do you have sparkly baby eyes and a love of all things creative?! A lovely veteran SmartFamily is looking for a new full-time nanny to join their team with their baby girl, 3 months, and older daughter who is almost 5. They are truly the loveliest and most kind families with whom we have had the pleasure of working. They are looking for a kind, warm, and friendly nanny to take over when mom and dad transition back to work. The nanny will primarily have full care of the baby while they works and the older girl is at school. After school, sometime between 230-4 PM, the older girl comes home, and the nanny will have both in their care. Their ideal nanny is experienced, kind, a relatively short train ride away or someone with a car, and someone super team oriented. They are a truly lovely family and looking for someone to transition in at 25-30 hours/week guaranteed while dad is still home, and then bump up to 40 hours/week guaranteed. It's $25-30 hours/gross for a guaranteed income each week. The position has a flexible start date, though they would ideally have someone start in January. Apply today!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Their ideal nanny is someone creative, caring, energetic, responsible, and reliable. Infant and early school aged experience is required. Someone who is open, transparent, and communicative to work with the parents as a team when it comes to the baby's milestones in life. Someone who can collaborate with them on high-level decisions, but who is also not afraid to follow their intuition.  Someone who is about a 2 on the Covid Risk Tolerance Chart with a reasonably short or easy commute (having your own car is a plus!). Someone who is looking to make a long-term commitment and grow with them to help see the baby throughout her milestones. Flexibility to occasionally assist in the evenings and on weekends with extra/OT compensation is a plus, too!


To start in January, they would have a flexible schedule of 25-30 hours/week while the parents are still on leave. Starting in March, the core schedule would be Monday to Friday, 8-5 PM. They are always happy to guarantee the income to their nanny!

About the Children

girl, 3 months- She is a sweet baby girl. She is on a schedule which she has thrived on. She is largely breastfeeding at the moment, though they give her a bottle when they need to. She doesn't love the bottles, but they are working on it! Overall, she has done great these first few months and they've had no concerns with her development. girl, 4- She is very outgoing! She likes people a lot (can have a tough time with a brand new person though), loves climbing, somersaults, and is very active! Napping is important for her mood, but she’s not always willing to nap! She can be a little stubborn when she doesn’t want to do something (ie wearing her coat on cold days or naps!). Especially now patience is paramount with her!


A full-time infant experience nanny for a baby girl, 3 months, in Ditmas Park. The nanny will have full care for her throughout the day while mom and dad are working, and her older sister is in school. The nanny will be in charge of her feedings, diapering, naps, tummy time and engaging play, going for walks, and playing in their backyard. Can look after older child while taking care of baby for the afternoons and on some school holidays. She will likely be in school until 4 or later in the Spring.  Also assisting with light housework such as tidying and laundry / cooking for kids. Someone who can ultimately help them keep things in order around the house while the baby is napping is ideal.

Additional Information

At the moment, mom and dad are both on leave. Mom will resume seeing patients virtually in a limited capacity at the end of January and dad will start back at work, likely half time remote, in March. They are being very cautious and avoid public transportation. They only see those they much for work and always maintain 6 ft distance, wear masks, and try to keep it safe at all times. We worked with them to find a fill in at the height of the pandemic and they were so kind, understanding, and thoughtful when working with their nanny. They are a true gem of a family! Public transportation is ok for a relatively short trip and if you have a car, it's a plus!

  • Rate

    $25-30/hour gross


    at least one year, ideally longer

    Total Hours per Week

    25-30 to start and 40 hours/week in March and on!

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