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HEAVY PART TIME NANNY: Carroll Gardens family looking for warm, creative, and kind nanny for girls, 3.5 and 9 months.

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Do you have experience with preschoolers and babies? Looking for a part time commitment for at least the next year, if not longer? This could be the job for you! This lovely SmartFamily is looking for a fun, loving, and warm nanny for their 3.5-year-old and 9-month-old daughters. The elder girl is in nursery school 5 days/week, is goofy and outgoing once she warms up, and loves to sing and dance her way around the house. The younger girl is super active and rambunctious, loves music, playing, and smiles. The family is hoping for to find someone who can help engage with them, teach and care for them 3 days/week! Mom works from home and is able to stay with the baby while the nanny handles pick up, and the family would also love some additional support with household management (the girls' laundry, keeping their areas organized, meal prep and feeding the girls, etc). Their ideal candidate is someone who is ready to dive in and join a family team. Someone who is warm, kind, and able to engage and encourage the girls as they learn and grow. The family would particularly love someone who's able to help the older girl find her confidence! Mom always available as a teammate and happy to help with adjustment and training in the beginning, but the nanny runs the show! Someone who is an open communicator, takes initiative, and is collaboration focused is a must. Someone open to spending time with the family on the North Fork of Long Island in the summer would be a huge plus! COVID-wise, they are taking precautions and are looking for someone taking similar precautions. They are open to someone who needs to take public transportation to them, and would like someone comfortable with getting tested every two weeks. They are looking for a long term fit of at least a year, but would love to be together longer if it's a great connection! The rate is $25-30/hour gross for 30 hours/week guaranteed with potential for more. The position will begin once they find the right fit with interviews starting ASAP. Don't let this once pass you by - apply today!!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

The ideal nanny for this family is someone with a bit of spunk and lots of love to give! Someone warm and kind who is looking for a role centered around collaboration and respect. The family is looking for support in helping the older girl feel confident, come out of her shell, and help teach empathy and kindness by example. Mom will be around working from home, and is happy to give direction and train on the particulars of the house, but also wants to give their nanny the freedom to do things their own way. With that in mind, they are looking for someone who is an open communicator and is okay taking initiative. Someone who may be flexible and open to spending time with the family on the North Fork of Long Island in the summer would be a huge plus!


Currently, the core schedule is Monday to Wednesday, 8:15 AM to 6:30 PM. This could have a bit of flexibility or moving around (needing someone to stay late or switch/add an extra day), but they are happy to guarantee 30 hours/week.

About the Children

Girl, 3.5 - She is in nursery school 5 days a week. Once she gets to know you, she is loud and goofy, outgoing, and loves singing and dancing. However, she is very shy at school. There has of course been lots of change in last 10 months, and while she's only in school now, they may branch into activities in the future. She's a good kid, loving and adoring, but can also be a bit stubborn and likes to do things on her terms. Girl, 9 months - she is fully in the rolly-polly stage! She's a pretty easy going baby, and only fusses when she needs something. She loves music, playing, and is a generally happy baby. Since she was born during the pandemic, she hasn’t been exposed to much. They started her on purees ~2 months ago, and she has transitioned to 2 naps/day.


The main responsibilities for this position are engaging with the kiddos, caring for them, teaching them, and loving them. They may ask the nanny to take the kids to a gym class or on safe playdates as the parents see fit. Since Mom works from home, she will stay home with the younger girl, while nanny goes to pick up the eldest. The family would also love some additional support around the house, (help with the girls' laundry, keeping their things tidy, meal prep and feeding both kids). Currently the eldest is just in school, but in the future once everything normalizes, they would love assistance organizing and going on playdates, helping to prepare dinner, etc. Most importantly, they're looking for someone long term who can really be part of the family!

Additional Information

So far, the family has been fairly isolated and COVID cautious. Mom is self employed and working from home, and Dad is in the office and drives to work (they have been back in office since June with precautions, and have had no spread). The older girl is in school from 9 AM to 2 PM, and masks are encouraged but not required. The family is close with their grandparents, who are older, and just got vaccinated. They are out of the city most weekends, only seeing people outdoors, and have been limiting social pod and indoor activities, and their eldest daughter wears a mask at the park. They also take off shoes before going inside, and are hand washing and sanitizing. They haven’t had past nannies wear a mask inside, but are open if the new nanny wants to. The family is okay with someone who needs to take public transportation to reach them (provided they follow guidelines and bring a change of clothes for when they arrive), but would prefer someone who can walk/bike or drive to their home. They would also like their new nanny to get tested before the start, and would like that to continue on a rolling cadence every 2 weeks.

  • Rate

    $25-30/hour gross


    At least one year

    Total Hours per Week

    30 hours/week guaranteed

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