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HEAVY PART-TIME: Loving, kind, and experienced nanny in Upper CT with 18-month-old boy.

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Are you close to or within an hours drive of Salisbury, CT? Are you looking to work exclusively with one family and minimize your Covid exposure? Do you love working with toddlers? A lovely SmartFamily is looking for a heavy part-time (and open to eventual full-time) nanny in Salisbury to live out and help with their son (18 months) for 4-5 afternoons to start. They are happy to include travel time if you are driving an hour or less away in the guarantee. They are also open to a short-term commitment to start of 2-3 months with the right person. They are looking for someone fun, engaging, kind, warm, and super communicative. They all have underlying health conditions so they are not taking any risks when it come to their exposure to Covid. They are very much a 0-1 on the risk tolerance chart and looking for someone who is equally safe to work with them (see details below). It's $22/hour to start for the trial week and moving to $25/hour gross with great feedback! They are happy to guarantee 35 hours/week and are looking to have someone being as soon as possible! Apply today :)

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

A kind and wonderfully understanding and patient nanny. Someone reliable and loving who can bond with their family. Someone very communicative and transparent about their Covid practice (see more below). A fun and proactive attitude and approach to your work with children is ideal for this family. Someone who is kind, warm, and energetic to keep up with him and make his days fun. Someone who is very attentive and can keep up with him! Someone with a car and a clean driving record. CPR trained and experienced with toddler in this age group. They would ask that their nanny remain out of physical contact with others except for select outdoor activities and always masked and distanced as well. Keeping an open and transparent line of communication regarding Covid is very important to them as they are doing this to keep their family safe and healthy. The strictest of practices would be required, though they are happy to have someone for a short-term commitment as well to keep this in place.


The core schedule would be 12-5 PM, for 4-5 days.week to start. They would like to build up to full says (9 or 10 AM to 4 or 5 PM) for those days once they build a connection with someone. They are happy to guarantee at least 35 hours/week, including travel time to and from the position if needed.

About the Children

boy, 18 months- He is a really sweet kid and after months of trying, they have really gotten him on the right track with his sleeping. He naps for 1-2 hours/day midday. He is an energetic and fun kid who loves to run around. He can be mischievous and get into things, as most toddlers are, so he needs a keen eye on him at all times. His had a respiratory issue in January of last year before Covid, and along with his parents underlying health conditions, they have maintained a strict isolation protocol.


During the days, the nanny would have full care of him, play with him, make sure he is changed and fed, and have fun adventures with him. Going outside and playing in the yard or doing art projects at home. While he is napping, they are happy to give their person a break. Someone assistance with light housework such as tidying, the dishes, and his laundry are a plus!

Additional Information

They have been is Salisbury since February 2020 and are strictly maintaining a social distance from others and have their groceries delivered, etc. They do not visit stores or indoor spaces. They do not see people outside of their very small bubble. If they see anyone outside their home, they wear masks and keep a 10 ft distance. They would likely be between a 0 and 1 on the Covid Risk Tolerance Chart.

  • Rate

    $25/hour gross, plus reimbursement for travel time


    at least 2-3 months to start, and ideally longer for the right fit!

    Total Hours per Week

    35 hours/week guaranteed

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