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FULL-TIME NANNY: Park Slope family looking for energetic, strong-willed, experienced, and patient nanny for two kids, 6 and 8.

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Do you have experience working with kids with special needs? Are you keen to work with early school aged kids in a go-with-the-flow environment? Do you have experience helping with remote learning? A veteran SmartFamily in Park Slope is looking for someone to assist alongside mom and another SmartSitter with two kids, 8 and 6. They are active and energetic kids who are in the midst of finishing up school before the holidays. The second nanny will be working alongside the other nanny to help with remote school when the kids are home and setting up expectations and structure for the kids with mom's guidance. Someone patient, understanding, and easy going who can leave the previous day at the door and go with the flow is best for this role and family. Their ideal nanny is someone who is on the ball, energized, organized, and vigilant. A real team player, strong communicator, and empathetic person is the best fit for this family. It's $22/hour gross to start for the trial week, moving to $25/hour gross for 40 hours/week guaranteed split between the two families' homes (a short walk from each other). The position will begin ASAP, so apply today!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Someone patient, kind, easy going, and communicative who isn't easily rattled and who doesn't take things personally when it comes to the kids' behaviors. Someone who has special needs experience (autism and ADHD, sensory processing disorder, etc.) will be helpful to understand what their triggers are and can identify them to mitigate meltdowns. Someone who has a keen eye for details and is mindful of the kids' preferences will be best as well. Someone who has a go with the flow attitude and doesn't take their behaviors personally as they are navigating everything together. Someone who can bring a positive and sunny disposition into each day. Someone who understands that while they do their best to set boundaries, things can change and often will change depending on the day. Doing their best to make things as fun and exciting as possible will help. Someone who is super patient, kind, warm, and understanding. This position will require someone who is a team player and can pitch in as needed. You are all working together towards one common goal and that mindset is so important here. Someone discreet, level headed, easy going, go with the flow, and "cool, calm, and collected". Experience with homeschooling or a background in setting kids up for academic success is such a plus. Someone comfortable with travel is ideal as they may go to the Hamptons at some point.


The core schedule is dependent on the custody schedule between mom and dad. There is flexibility required as things can change based on schedule. Someone flexible to stay later and help on weekends is required. They are happy to guarantee 40 hours/week for every week (plus overtime as applicable) and cover car service to and from work each day.

About the Children

boy, 8- He is very active and super physical. He is a smart kid and quite cunning. He also has a wicked sense of humor. Transitions are super super hard for him and his focus really challenging at times especially surrounding his school work. He responds to his stress through negative behavior and they are working on finding what is right for him as a team. He's had some bed wetting at night as of recent and is experiencing some anxiety a bit with the changes happening the last few months. girl, almost 6- She is a really sweet kid. She was just diagnosed with autism and has sensory processing disorder. She attends a special needs school. She does really well with structure. She's been digressing a bit with her potty training and they implemented a sticker chart to help. She's does speech therapy twice and OT once/week.


A typical day would look as follows: Arriving at 8 AM to get the kids fed and ready for the day. They usually eat cereal or eggs in the morning. The other nanny arrives on weekdays at 9 AM and they finish getting the kids ready for the day. The kids then have time on their iPads before splitting up and taking care of school work. If the nanny has the boy, he has a zoom class and often worksheets from google classroom. The girl does her zoom class and lessons then occasionally take a naps. The boy hasn't been great about the homework in the past few weeks so they re working on getting him back on track and structuring his time. He struggles with transitions and often gets so attached to his iPad that he doesn't want to give it up or do his school work. They have been working with him to make the transitions fun and entertaining so it's easier for him. he has missed some classes and this is ok, they simply try to get him to work on the worksheets together. This piece requires more patience and understanding as he has trouble focusing. They usually take breaks to help and build in lunchtime for a break, too. Their meals are generally quite simple and it usually just requires the reheating of something. The nanny will be fully responsible for their meals and prep. At night, the nannies would split the evening and bed time responsibilities with mom.

Additional Information

They have been social distancing since March 2020. They go between mom and dad's homes which are a short walk away. Mom has a housekeeper who comes quite regularly and you would be occasionally working alongside both SmartSitters. They are pretty safe and hope for someone who is nearby and equally cautious. They may travel to the Hamptons for a few nights here and there in their own car. This could be discussed in the future as well.

  • Rate

    $22/hour gross to start with room to grow to $25/hour gross after the trial week!


    Through Summer 2021, and ideally longer

    Total Hours per Week

    40 hours/week guaranteed

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