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HEAVY PART TIME NANNY: Playful, warm, and engaging nanny for 4-year-old girl and 2.5-year-old boy (plus baby on the way) in Park Slope!

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Do you have great experience with preschool and school aged kiddos? Maybe a little infant experience as well? Searching for a heavy-part-time job in the afternoons? This veteran SmartFamily is looking for a fun, loving, engaging, and active nanny to help them navigate their changing needs and schedule as they get ready to welcome their third child this June! The responsibilities will shift with the seasons and as the kids schooling changes with the year (more details can be found below), but the main focus will be on the older two kids and owning their care and activities (pickups, meals, playtime, and nighttime routines). They're hoping for someone who loves kids and watching them grow, learn, and develop - someone with a background in childhood development or teaching is a huge plus, as they're hoping for someone equipped to handle two kiddos and is unruffled in the face of potential conflict, however few and far between. Covid-wise, the family is taking a lot of precautions (about a 1 on the Covid Risk Tolerance chart) and is looking for a nanny who is taking similar precautions and is being safe and smart. Mom is getting vaccinated in early March, and they're hoping that their new nanny can also be vaccinated or in the process of getting one. They are okay with someone who is a short train ride away from their home in Park Slope, but would prefer someone close enough to walk or bike. Rate is $25-30/hour gross for 35 hours/week guaranteed with a possibility for more. They are hoping to have someone start this spring, with interviews beginning ASAP. Apply today!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

The ideal nanny for this family is someone fun, who loves kids, and can handle that multi toddler chaos! Mom will be at home most of the time, and is looking for a teammate to work together. Someone to be mentor, friend, and guide to the kids, connect with them and watch them grow and develop. They family would like someone energetic and active whose able to get on the kids' level - both love to move and while they can go up and down stairs by themselves, they do live in a 4-story house. Someone who's a team player, who has good dynamics open communication is perfect! Someone with a background in teaching/early childhood education or development would be a huge plus. With two kids over 2, the family is hoping for someone unruffled in conflict, who's able to handle multiples and stay calm in moments of stress when they arise. Go with the flow attitude is a must!


The core schedule is flexible as the family works out what will be best for them, but will likely fall in the afternoon/evening (1 PM to 8 PM for example) Monday through Friday. They are happy to guarantee 35 hours/week with potential for more depending on availability!

About the Children

Girl, 4 - currently in school in a 3’s program, transitioning to prep in the fall. She is super focused, can be independent, and loves activities. Boy, 2.5 - will be starting a 3’s program in the fall. He's super extroverted, funny and engaging. Both love playing with each other and spending time with babysitters and nannies. They're happy, well adjusted, love building new relationships, and overall great kiddos. They love music, soccer, are active, well rounded, and up for anything. They just loooove engagement and someone to have fun with them! Family is expecting their third in June!


Responsibility-wise, things will shift with the seasons as the family's schedule changes and they welcome their new baby. Initially, the nanny's main focus will be to get to know the family, learn the routine before the baby comes, and own the older kids and their activities (school and camp pickup, meals, play, etc). There may be a little house tidying when needed, but mostly just keeping the kids' areas organized/picking up after games or projects. The family does live close to the park, so they could foresee a nanny just packing up bag of snacks and heading over there to get some energy out and run around with the kiddos. Once summer hits, both kids are signed up for day camps, but the family would love afternoon time to own pickup while mom is healing and spending time with the baby. In the fall, this could shift into giving mom breaks durning the day and taking the baby, helping with pick up from school, and getting the older ones fed and through bedtime routine. Mom can’t be everywhere at once (of course) so she is looking for a much-needed teammate, who can own the older kids if mom needs a walk/time with the baby, or vice versa.

Additional Information

With Mom being pregnant, the family is about a 1 on the COVID Risk Tolerance Chart. Mom is getting her first dose of vaccine early in March, and in the meantime, they are being very Covid vigilant. They are looking for someone who is also taking precautions, following guidelines, especially with a newborn on the horizon. Also open to short train rides, but someone close enough to get to them via walk/bike, etc would be ideal. The family would also prefer their nanny to be vaccinated (they are okay if they are in the process).

  • Rate

    $25-30/hour gross


    At least one year

    Total Hours per Week

    35 hours/week guaranteed

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