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FULL-TIME: Health and eco-conscious, active, and experienced nanny for two young boys in Cambridge.

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Are you super Covid conscious, eco-conscious, a true health nut, super active, and love working with young kids? Are you looking to join a new family as a true partner and uber communicative with mom and dad? Are you in Boston?! A really love Cambridge family is looking to welcome a new nanny into their home to help care for their 15-month-old and 5.5-year-old sons. As a family, they are really active and outdoorsy, and prioritize their health through running and fresh air! They are also super eco-conscious and use cloth diapers, try to limit their waste, and always think about how their daily actions impact the environment around them. Their ideal nanny can both uphold their values with the boys and naturally aligns with them on these topics. Toddler and early school aged experience (multiples) is a must, and long-term experience with the same family in a similar capacity is a big plus! Someone who has experience navigating and redirecting the boys' challenging or overstimulated behaviors, especially when playing together is a must! Understanding, patience, a cool and calm approach, and mindful in their interactions with the boys. A true engaging nanny who is proactive, communicative, and open to getting or already is vaccinated is a must. Mom also speaks Spanish with the boys, so if you are a Spanish speaker this is a plus, but not required. Other pluses would be experience with Montessori, RIE, or Reggio Emilia, but again, not required. The position will begin in June when their current nanny transitions out of the role! They are looking for someone who can make at least a 6 month commitment, with a mind to stay longer if possible. It's $27-30/hour gross for an average of 36 hours/week guaranteed (some weeks will be 32 if you aren't working on Fridays, and others are 40 when you do work on Fridays). They are happy to offer additional benefits such as 3 weeks of paid vacation time, flexibility to take other time off if needed, and an untaxed healthcare stipend!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Their ideal nanny is someone with proven experience (toddlers, early school aged, multiple, siblings), comfort, and patience juggling the needs of both a young toddler and preschooler entering K in Fall (it is in-person, but masked). Someone who can navigate the sibling rivalry and age gap that they naturally have! Someone who has a true love of the outdoors and appreciates healthy lifestyles and instilling this in the boys, too. Someone super healthy and conscious in this way will be the best fit for their family. They keep an environmentally conscious home, and are looking for a proactive nanny who shares those values including being comfortable with cloth diapers. They describe themselves as a "Camberville quasi-hippie family".  Bonus if you're familiar RIE, Reggio/Waldorf, etc., as well as a passion for music. Extra bonus points for Spanish-speaking, though it's not required. Someone who is willing to be vaccinated or already is is a must! Vaccination is preferred. They also have a preference to their own vehicle. They have parking out front from their place, but not totally required if you are close.


The core schedule is  Monday to Thursday/Friday, 8:30-5:30 PM (every other Friday off!). They are happy to guarantee an average of 36 hours/week with the opportunity to work more from time to time and when working Fridays. Overtime (1.5X) applicable to any hours over 40 per week.

About the Children

boy, 5.5- He is going into kindergarten a few blocks away. He is articulate and stubborn, but a sweet kid. He loves to bike! He is going to a bilingual Spanish-English school and understands, but doesn't speak Spanish yet. He does have an amazing vocabulary and loves to read. He uses his afternoons to really calm and spend time decompressing. He can really take more time to warm up to people, but definitely has an opinion.  boy, 1.5- He is just missing the date to go into preschool full-time, so he is home for another year. They try to minimize the screen time as much as possible, so engagement is a big deal! he does speak a few Spanish words. He is full on toddler, walking, talking, and stubborn guy! He is not in his baby stage anymore. He has some separation anxiety and struggles more with some transitions.  There are no allergies or health conditions. 


Arriving in the morning to assist with the morning routine. Getting the kids ready for the day and fed. Helping to bring the oldest to school a few blocks away and then spending the day with the youngest. Doing fun and creative activities at home and taking him out for walks/runs along the river (they have a running stroller if you want to use it!). They've been avoiding playgrounds and such (see Covid details below), so having someone creative and imaginative with their time with the youngest and helping him to meet his milestones is of the utmost importance. In the afternoons, you will pick up the older boy from school and bring him home to play and have fun in the afternoons. They have a big condo with some space to move and have fun in! In the evenings, Helping with meal prep, tidying up, and throughout the week, the boys' laundry is paramount. Occasionally assisting with a local errands like groceries or running to get items for the kids. Helping mom with some household tasks and occasional errands.  There may also be some days and weeks when you have both boys for the full day if the oldest is out of school.

Additional Information

Covid: They are *still* strictly observing COVID-19 social distancing rules--no playgrounds, gyms, public transport, grocery stores, restaurants, etc--and would expect the same from their new nanny and their household until community rates are down / vaccinations increase. Dad is almost fully vaccinated. Mom will be vaccinated in April when it's open to all. If anyone is sick beyond a simple and obvious cold, they quarantine and test to be extra cautious. As a result, this is why they avoid public spaces and general illness as much as possible. 

  • Rate

    $27-30/hour gross, plus benefits!


    at least 6 months

    Total Hours per Week

    36 hours/week guaranteed on average

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