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PART-TIME NANNY: Creative, engaging, empathetic and supportive nanny for girls, 2, 4, and 6, in Battery Park City.

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Do you have experience with multiple school-aged kiddos? Looking for a part time job through the summer? The veteran SmartFamily is looking for a nanny and mother's helper for the afternoons, for their three girls, 2.5, 4.5, and 6.5. Afternoons will mostly be spent with the older two girls, since the youngest is in preschool until 6 PM, and responsibilities will include playing and engaging with the girls and supporting Mom around the house while she balances working from home. Household management help may include: meal prep for the girls, tidying the living area of their 2 bedroom home, laundry help, pick ups from daycare/summer camp as needed, loading and/or running the dishwasher, and putting away groceries. The family is looking for someone engaging, playful, supporting, and creative, who has experience with multiples in this age range and can go with the flow and stay cool under pressure. The girls are great kids and pretty easy, but they can run into the occasional tif or spat (which the family typically settles in an all out dance-off!), so someone with classroom experience or who grew up in a big family is a huge plus! The family is being super cautious when it comes to COVID, and is looking for a nanny who is doing the same. They would like someone who's able to wear a mask during care hours, ideally has been vaccinated, and prefer someone who can either walk, bike, or drive to their home, although they could be open to public transportation for the right candidate. Rate for this role is $25-30/hour gross for 20 hours/week guaranteed. The family is looking for someone to start ASAP and go at least through the summer. Don't miss out on this one - Apply today!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

The ideal candidate for this role is creative, engaging, supportive, and self motivating. The girls are pretty easy, but the biggest thing the family is looking more is someone who can stay calm under multi-child pressures, and is able to juggle a lot of balls at once. Someone who can go with the flow and not get flustered when the girls are asking for 3 different conflicting things all at once, as they are want to do from time to time. Someone who comes from a big family or has experience with multiple children would be amazing! Someone who can help model kindness and patience for the girls - they are all so observant and someone empathetic who is a good communicator to help them continue to grow into kind humans. Since the family is also looking for support around the house, someone who is self-motivated, who may see something that needs doing and take care of it in a free moment would be great. Mom has a good organization system to keep everything running smoothly with three kiddos in the house, so helping out when you notice something would be fantastic! They are looking for a teammate for mom, since now she’s handling most things while also working from home.


The core schedule is Monday through Friday, 2:30 PM to 6:30 PM. The family is happy to guarantee 20 hours/week. On remote/no-school days that parents don't have off, they may ask for an extended schedule of 9:30 AM to 5 PM, if the nanny is available. They are looking for an initial commitment through the summer, with potential to continue after they re-evaluate needs and discuss with the nanny.

About the Children

girl, 6.5 - She is a sweet heart! She's very bright for her age, super inquisitive, and has a vibrant personality. She can be a chatterbox once you get her goine, is very artistic, and super curious about the world around her. Right now, she's obsessed with Harry Potter (and asks about a million questions - her parents say it can take 20 minutes just to read a page!), she's very funny, and loves to explore. girl, 4.5 - She's the kindest little love, but also the most stubborn! She is very strong of will, but very sweet and generous. Crazy observant (doesn't miss a thing), and a bit quieter when the sisters are around, but once she's on her own, she gets super talkative. girl, 2.5 - This little one is 2 going on 10! She'd got a large personality, is hilarious and she knows it. She's quite a firecrackers, super smart and sweet, and very cuddly - she gives the best snuggles! She is obsessed with her big sisters, loves to play with and tease them and drive them crazy. She's a very social creature, loves to explore, and is an absolute joy.


The main responsibilities of this role are overseeing safe after school playtime for the elder two girls (the littlest is in daycare until 6 PM), modeling kindness and patience for the kiddos, and helping Mom run the family home. The family is looking for some support around meals (snack time and dinner prep, serving, clean up, etc), help with activities (dance, gymnastics, art, music, soccer, playdates, etc.) as scheduled by parents, prepping the kids’ backpacks for next day, laundry help for the girls (running the loads, folding, putting away), and night time routine (bath and pajamas). Sometimes picking up youngest from daycare or getting the bigger 2 kids from camp in the summertime. In addition, in moments of downtime/when able, the family would love some help and support with household management. Some potential areas could be tidying, putting toys away/quick pick-up or vacuum main room, loading and running the dishwasher, helping to wipe down surfaces, taking out the garbage out before leaving, putting away groceries, replenishing the "snack zone", leaving notes for mom about anything necessities, unpacking Amazon boxes, etc.

Additional Information

Since there is someone high risk in the family, they have been taking COVID very seriously and have been quite conservative in their risk tolerance. Both Mom and Dad are working from home for the foreseeable future. The older girls go to school in person with masks, and the minute they come home, they get a full bath and change of clothes. Their bubble is very small, just close family and the grandparents (newly vaccinated), and a family close by that they are podded with. Anyone else who comes into the home is in mask. Dad has been fully vaccinated, and mom getting her first dose in the first week of April. However, they are still being very cautious, and most of their practices have not changed. They are looking for someone who is being very careful, who is okay with wearing a mask during their time with the family, and who is ideally vaccinated. Since the kids are in school, the family may need to get tested if there is potential exposure in the classroom, and could ask for their nanny to get tested as well. Otherwise, they do not need the nanny to get tested regularly on any kind of cadence at this stage. They would prefer someone who is able to walk, bike, or drive, who is not taking public transit, but they could be open to it for the perfect candidate.

  • Rate

    $25-30/hour gross


    At least 6 months with potential to extend

    Total Hours per Week

    20 hours/week guaranteed

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