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FULL TIME NANNY: Fair Haven, NJ family looking for playful, engaging, and warm nanny for their two boys, 3 and 3 months with competitive salary and FULL benefits.

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Are you looking for a wonderful full-time job with a competitive salary and full benefits? Do you want to join a team where you are a valued member of their team? Do you live in NJ? Do you love working with infants and toddlers? A veteran SmartFamily in Fair Haven, NJ (off exit 114) is looking for a nanny for their sweet and energetic 3-year-old and 3-month-old sons. The schedule as it stands, is likely to be Monday to Friday, from around 8 AM to 5:30 PM. With this in mind, they're looking for about 45 hours/week with potential for extra hours as needed/available. If you are a super engaging and playful nanny, you will love working with these kids. This is the role for someone who wants to work with a family who are experienced and good employers, too. Have a job that love you back! The nanny will help with pick-ups, drop offs, playtime and outdoor activities, and a bit of support around the house (meal-prepping, laundry, etc)! They also would love some light help with meal prep, light tidying, and the boys' laundry. Someone able to be flexible and supportive is essential! Mom will be on maternity leave until later in the summer, but once she returns to work, likely either she or dad will be working from home, and can be an extra set of hands. The rate for this role is $25-30/hour gross for 40 hours/week guaranteed ($52,000-62,400/year), plus a healthcare reimbursement, travel reimbursement, PTO, paid sick time off, and a guaranteed income! They are looking for someone to start by August, but are open to starting sooner if they find the right fit. Apply today!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

Do you have multiple yeas of experience as a full-time nanny with young children? Great, the family is looking for you! Do you lead with patience and humor when working with children? You'll fit right in with this kind and warm family who loves to be silly, too. Do you value positive discipline and a cool, calm, and collected approach? The family is looking for someone who can hold firm boundaries with the toddler, while still being warm and empathetic to big toddler emotions! It's this experience that will prove so valuable to the role! Are adaptable and supportive in your working relationships with families and children? It's wonder because they are still working out exactly what needs will be once Mom is done with maternity leave, so someone flexible and supportive is also a huge help. Do you want to work with a family that will value you as a professional and offer you full benefits with competitive pay? You know this one is for you, then! They're happy to offer a guaranteed income, PTO, paid sick time off, a healthcare reimbursement, and travel reimbursement to their new nanny, along with a competitive salary. They value this role in their lives and want to do right by their nanny so they will grow with their family and be happy in their new role.


The core schedule of this role is likely to be around 8 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday. The family is looking for ~45 hours/week, with potential opportunity for overtime/extra hours if the nanny is available.

About the Children

boy, 3 - He is a funny little one, very curious, bright and outgoing. He also has big time toddler-energy! boy, 3 months - the baby is very sweet, super-chill and sleeps well.


The responsibilities for this role may shift with seasonality, and depending on when they find the right fit. During this spring/summer, the nanny would primarily with Mom while she wraps up maternity leave. The three-year-old is currently home, so this would include plenty of outdoor time with him, planning crafts/fun activities, and also caring for the infant while Mom takes the toddler to soccer and other outdoor activities. The toddler begins a half-day camp in late June. In August/September, Mom will return to work and the toddler will attend a preschool program 5 days/week, from 9 AM to 1 PM, so the nanny's main responsibility would be for the baby during that time. The position may require some short-distance driving (the older boy's school is approx. 2 miles from the house), planning some playdates for the baby, and helping out with food preparation and laundry for both boys. The family would also love support from their nanny to keep the infant on a consistent nap schedule.

Additional Information

They are a very Covid-cautious family, who are doing their best to keep themselves and their nanny safe and exposure low. Once Mom finishes maternity leave, she and Dad will likely both be working from home part-time, and commuting to NYC part-time. On any given day, one will likely be home and help out with driving the toddler to school. Dad is fully-vaccinated and Mom is planning to very soon. The ideal candidate would be vaccinated or planning to be as soon as possible!

  • Rate

    $52,000-62400/year gross + transportation reimbursements, PTO, paid sick time off, guaranteed income, and a healthcare reimbursement!


    At least one year, with potential to extend with the right candidate!

    Total Hours per Week

    40 hours/week guaranteed

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