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AFTER SCHOOL: Kips Bay family seeking structured, special needs experienced, and patient caregiver for their two kids, 8 and 12.

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One of our longest veteran SmartFamilies is looking for a new after school caregiver for their two kids, 8 and 12, as they say goodbye to their current SmartSitter of 7 YEARS! They've provided much of the following job details and ideal caregiver qualities and requirements as they have done this many time for other care for their kids. They really know what they are looking for and what works best for their family, and particularly their son. Their ideal candidates are experience with this age group, but also with children who have ADHD and/or behavioral strategies is required and ABA training is a plus. Someone who is consistent, structured, communicative, and truly wants to work with children who are neurodivergent is super important for them. It's $35/hour gross for at least 20 hours/week guaranteed (they are willing to offer 25 hours for the right candidate). The position will begin in the weeks to come so apply today!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

We are looking for someone who is passionate about working with more challenging kids. Ideally, someone who can work with the parents to ensure a structured environment, a consistent approach to discipline/consequences, and help reinforce acceptable behavior (e.g., language, respect, accountability). Help with study skills and establishing positive routines are also very important. The ideal sitter will be proactive, firm (but fair), and able to have an open dialogue with the parents. The sitter will be able to reinforce a level of responsibility (cleaning dishes/room, doing homework) as the children get older and more independent. Additionally, we will need someone who is comfortable preparing dinner, transporting to after school activities (bus/subway), and making sure homework gets done.


The core schedule is Monday to Friday, from 245-645 PM. They are happy to guarantee 20 hours/week (or slightly more for the right candidate). Some flexibility in the evenings or for full days if the kids are out of school is a plus!

About the Children

Boy, age 12, is a bright, energetic and happy kid. He is charming, engaging, and athletic (has his black belt in TKD). He also has ADHD, and related issues like rigidity and executive function challenges, and currently attends a special education school that addresses many of these challenges. He's very interested in his friends and his social life right now and will be attending middle school in the Fall. He's into college sports, pop culture, and Minecraft. He needs someone who will set clear boundaries/guidelines and follow through with consequences (in partnership with parents). Girl, age 8, is also bright, energetic and happy, but is very easygoing and flexible. She is also into sports (basketball, ballet, TKD), but will also play independently (coloring, writing, reading, piano). She cares deeply about others, including her brother, and loves school.


We need someone to pick up our son on the UWS followed by our daughter from her neighborhood school bus stop, take to occasional after school activities, and then bring home and feed. Providing dinner and after school snacks (for dinner prep mom typically has a variety of pre-made options from FreshDirect that they try to add other healthy items to). It is very important to ensure homework is done (or working on it when you leave). Really bonding and connecting with the kids, engaging in conversation and discussions with each child (they also enjoy listening to music!). Ensuring they clean their rooms at least weekly; contribute to other household work, et. Helping with laundry at the end of the week too!

Additional Information

Both kids are in school and the boy's school does weekly testing. The girl's school does testing, but not as regularly. Mom and dad will be vaccinated. They are still super careful and more conservative. Mom and dad are currently working from home and likely to continue to do so for the next 6 months at least. 

  • Rate

    $35/hour gross


    for at least one year

    Total Hours per Week

    20 hours/week guaranteed

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