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PART-TIME NANNY: Warm, creative, and engaging nanny for two girls, 3 and 1 month, in Park Slope.

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Looking for a part-time position in the afternoons? Have experience with playful preschoolers and cuddly infants? This is the job for you! A lovely new SmartFamily in Park Slope has just welcomed their second daughter, and they are looking for a nanny in the afternoons and evenings to handle school pick up, dinner, bath time and bedtime with both of their little ones. They would also love a bit of support around the house (tidying, meal prepping, etc). Mom will be home most of the time, so will be available with a tag team or hand off is needed. They are looking for someone who has experience with multiples, and a true joy for working with kids. Someone who can balance the fun, playful, and creative activities with calm and warm energy and patience. Covid-wise, the family has been very careful and keeping a limited circle, but is starting to expand it a little to those who are also vaccinated. Both parents are fully vaccinated, and Dad will be going into the office soon, with Mom returning to work in September. They're looking for someone who is fully vaccinated, who is still taking precautions and is okay to wear a mask in the beginning as everyone gets to know each other. The rate for this role is $25-30/hour gross for 20 hours/week guaranteed. The family is looking to have the role start in early June, with interviews to begin ASAP. Don't miss out on this one - apply today!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

The ideal nanny for this family is someone comfortable with multiples, who has past experience specifically with infants and toddlers. Someone youthful who has a lot of playful and fun energy! The eldest girl really relies on her routine, so someone able to follow and keep to that is crucial. They would love some support with light cooking for the kids (usually simple stuff), some help a bit around the house (putting dishes in the dishwasher, unloading, etc), so someone comfortable with these tasks is a must. Someone engaging, who has some calming, warm energy to balance out the playful and energetic times, who keeps cool when there’s a tantrum, has lots of patience and joy in caring for kids. The family is hoping for someone who's ready to help support and be a member of the team, all working together to make the house run smoothly.


The core schedule for this position is Monday through Friday in the late afternoon/evenings (probably 4 PM to 8 PM). The family is happy to guarantee 20 hours/week. The summer may bring changes, with potentially 2 days/week start earlier, from 1 PM to 8 PM through the summer. They're open to discussing this with their person as it gets closer.

About the Children

Girl, 3 - She's a precocious and playful little one, who has lots of opinions that change often, and will try to negotiate extra books at bed time. She loves to sing, dance, is happy and playful. She can be a little whiny right now, enjoys her routine, and is a good listener. She's in daycare full time right now. Girl, newborn - the family welcomed their second baby girl this April! She will be starting daycare full time after Labor Day


The main responsibilities of this role are helping out with some household tasks (meal prepping, tidying, etc), picking the kids up from daycare at 5 (it's about a block and a half from the house), after school playtime, some meal prep/dinner, then helping with the bath and bedtime routine. The older girl gets about an hour of TV time, which is usually while dinner is being made (sometimes, if they're really hungry, TV time may be paused), then it's upstairs for bath (every other day) and bedtime, which consists of a few books, and in bed by 7:30. Most days, Mom will be around, so it would be a joint effort to get the kids fed, bathed and to bed, likely tag teaming and switching off. Some days, Mom may need to work late, in which case the nanny would be responsible for picking up the two kids from daycare, feeding them dinner, entertaining them and getting them to bed. There also may be some later date nights in the future, as they feel more comfortable. Light housekeeping/tidying is also a plus. The nanny will have no dog responsibilities.

Additional Information

Covid-wise, the family has been very careful and cautious, especially with Mom being pregnant and the new baby. Dad will be going back to the office shortly, while Mom will be home on maternity leave, and returning to work in September (her work/in-office schedule is still TBD). Mom and Dad have been working from home since beginning, and the eldest girl only started going back to daycare in Sept 2020 with lots of protocols. They are still being pretty careful, with a limited circle that's slowly starting to expand to other vaccinated people, but always still with masks. Mom and Dad are fully vaccinated, and Dad will be taking public transit once he's back at work. The family would like someone who's vaccinated and want to start with masks on at home as everyone gets to know each other. They're okay with someone who needs to take public transit to reach them, as long as it is with precautions.

  • Rate

    $25-30/hour gross


    At least one year!

    Total Hours per Week

    20 hours/week guaranteed

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