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FULL-TIME WEEKDAY LIVE-IN NANNY for three sweet girls and a loving and respectful family in Tribeca (benefits and guaranteed income).

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Do you have multiple years of experience as a full-time nanny with toddlers and early school aged children? Are you interested in working long-term with a wonderful and communicative and experienced employer family as a live-in nanny? Do you like to have a balance of work with kids and more PA work when they're at school? Do you work well on a team?! A really love new SmartFamily is looking for a full-time weekday live-in nanny for their three girls, 4, 5, and 7.5. They are saying goodbye to their nanny of almost 8 years and

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

If you like to have a full-time role with a mix of childcare and more independent work when the kids are at school, this is a really great opportunity! Are you an early riser and self starter? If you like to work as a part of a team with a close knit and communicative family, fantastic! And if you like to spend time (especially summers) in nature and outside the city for fresher air and more space, this is your role! The family is looking for someone with multiple years years experience toddlers and in full-time roles who is confident and engaging with young children. The ability to be collaborative and be a team player is a must as both parents are super involved and they believe that it truly "takes a village". Someone kind, but firm who can maintain the house rules and boundaries.  Someone confident in the city who can find their way around and is comfortable navigating getting around with the kids. The girls thrive on routine, so someone who is organized and can maintain routines with them to keep things running smoothly for the whole house. Someone who is communicative and flexible, while being supportive and adaptable to changing needs as they may come up with the girls getting older. Someone proactive who can solve problems on their own when they have the training and know how of the position.  Someone creative and fun who can come up with activities and plans for them to have fun and be really engaged with them, especially on those days when the girls are home from school. Someone active and physical who can run around with them. Someone also very understanding and patient of the big transition they are making from their nanny of 8 years! They may talk about her a lot and be really sad when she leaves, but they will warm up and become the best of friends with their new person! Flexibility to live-in in Westchester in the summer with your own space is a must!


The nanny would arrive Sunday evenings at 7 PM and Leave Friday afternoons. The working schedule is Monday to Friday, from 6-7:45 AM, 3:30-8 PM, and several hours in between flexibly working on other household responsibilities when the kids are in school. They are happy to guarantee at least 40 hours/week, plus OT when you work more than 44 in a given week.

About the Children

Three girls, 4, 5, and 7.5- They are really sweet girls and close! They've had the same nanny since they were all babies (she started almost 8 years ago!), so they may be slow to warm up to someone new, but they are sure to be the best of friends with their person after :)


Arriving Sunday evenings and staying through Friday early evening to live in with the family. They are flexible on this piece if they have a person who lives very close by already. Live in is preferred as the morning is so early! Establishing a morning and afternoon routine for the girls to keep them on task and schedule. Getting the girls ready in the morning for school, fed, in uniforms, and dropping them off at the bus. They are in school from 7:45 AM to 3:30/4 PM, so boring alongside the housekeeper during the day to assist with PA/household management tasks such as grocery shopping and dry cleaning, household errands, cooking meals for the kids and sometimes a bit more for the parents, stocking fridge, keeping things tidy. and the kids' laundry. There is typically time for a break in between as well! You are in charge of your own schedule when the kids are in school, so as long as things are done it's up to you how you manage that time! Picking the kids up from school alongside the after school babysitter and working in tandem with them to get them to activities, playdates, and getting homework done. Helping to give them dinner and managing the evening routine. Making sure the evening goes smoothly and managing things with the after school babysitter. Helping with the girls bedtime and bath routine. Mom and dad are usually home between 6-7/8 PM.  Helping with full day care for holidays when they are home and sick days. In the summer, they go to their home in Westchester where they have a separate and private space for their nanny to live in during the week.

Additional Information

Both parents and the assistant are vaccinated. They're super communicative and a real team which is such a fantastic plus! They were also referred by one of our long-time veteran families and really understand the importance of boundaries, their nanny's time off to relax and recharge, and how that affects long-term relationships!

  • Rate

    $62,00-73,000/year ($30-35/hour gross), plus benefits like PTO, paid sick time, a metrocard


    At least one year to start!

    Total Hours per Week

    40 hours/week guaranteed

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