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FULL TIME NANNY/HOUSE MANAGER: UWS family looking for active, loving, and supportive nanny for two boys, 6 and 4.

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Do you have experience with multiple boys? Looking for a full-time role starting this summer? This SmartFamily is on the lookout for a supportive, engaging, playful, and active house manager and nanny for their two boys who are almost 6 and 4! The schedule is split into two parts, with the first part of the day spent around the house, tidying, helping with cooking and laundry for the family, and keeping the house running. Starting around 3, the nanny will pick up the kiddos for school/camp, and then take them through any afternoon activities, engaging with and playing with them outside, helping with homework during the school year, then dinner and bath time. They are hoping for someone who has household management and multiples experience, and who is active and loving, while also balancing the need for boundaries and discipline when necessary with the boys. The family is looking for stability, so someone looking for a long-term commitment is important. Someone who is fluent in a second language is not required but would be a fun bonus! COVID-wise, the parents are fully vaccinated and are continuing to take precautions, wearing masks in public and only dining outside. Both parents have been working from home, but are planning to transition to a hybrid schedule between home and office. They are looking for candidates who are fully vaccinated, are still taking precautions, and are open to public transportation. Rate is $25-30/hour for 35 hours/week guaranteed with potential for more. They are looking to have someone start as soon as they find the right fit - don't miss out on this one! Apply Today!

The Ideal Sitter for this Job

The ideal candidate for this role is someone loving, responsible, and engaging, who has experience in house management and childcare roles. Someone who is flexible, adaptable, and ready to be a member of the family team to keep the household running. A long-term fit and stability is super important for this family and for their boys, so someone who is able to commit for at least a year is best. Experience with multiples, specifically boys is important as well, so someone who's ready to go outside with them, is active and up for taking them out and about. The family is looking for someone to be a positive force for the boys, who is also able to hold boundaries from a discipline perspective. The family is multi-cultural, so someone who has experience with that, and is intuitive/aware of that would be great for them. They have a wonderful 2-year-old goldendoodle, so someone who likes dogs is a must! Someone who speaks another language fluently would also be a fun plus!


The core schedule for this job is Monday through Friday, starting at 11 AM or 12 PM and going until 7 PM, with some potential for extra hours in the morning/evening. The family is happy to guarantee 35 hours/week.

About the Children

Boy, 5.5 - He’s very bright, and in a gifted and talented program at school. He is extremely energetic and won’t stop moving. He can also be quite curious and inquisitive, loves sports and running around. He started kindergarten last year, and it has been tough on him being remote. Boy, 3.5 - A lovely little boy, who gets along well with his brother, loves to play and explore. He has mostly been spending time outside the home, and has been going to preschool for most of the day.


The main responsibilities and flow of the day are split into two parts. For the first half, from start to about 3 PM, the family would love support with household management (tidying, helping with the family's laundry, getting meals prepped, etc), and then for second half, about 3 to 7 PM, picking up the kiddos and taking them through the afternoon/evening. Kid responsibilities include pickup/drop for school/camp and activities, taking them to the park/outside, meals, bath time, interactions focused on creative learning, reading and writing, homework help during the school year, and generally being a positive influence complimenting the family's parenting style. Mom is happy to help and support, as she will be working from home. In the beginning of the day, they may ask for support with cooking meals for the whole family (they've been doing meal kits like HelloFresh which has been working well), laundry support, and light tidying around the house.

Additional Information

On the COVID-side, the family is still being pretty careful, wearing masks in public indoor places, only dining outside, and keeping their bubble limited. Both parents are vaccinated, as is their extended family, and their building is also being safe, asking for masks in the halls, and keeping on the smaller side. Both parents are working full time right now, and have mostly been working from home. However, Mom and Dad will likely both be in office 2-3 days/week starting this summer. They currently have another person who’s helping the older boy with school, but they will likely leave after school year is over. The family is looking for someone either fully vaccinated or in the process of getting vaccinated. They don't need their nanny to wear a mask in their home, as long as they are still being safe and taking precautions. When out with the boys, the family would like their nanny to model behavior for the kids, so wearing masks indoors/public settings, and making sure to have the kids wash hands, clean up if they go outside. They are fine with someone who needs to take public transportation to reach them.

  • Rate

    $25-30/hour gross


    At least one year!

    Total Hours per Week

    35 hours/week guaranteed

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